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Maja Malnar is an award-winning Influencer and Entrepreneur from Slovenia who will lead as the Fashion Director and Global Brand Ambassador for a new tech start-up, Malnar has over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, working as a model, stylist, consultant, brand ambassador, and creative director. Well-versed in six languages and playing a prominent part in Botanical Beach Babes growth, Maja Malnar has established herself as a key figure in revolutionizing the brand and its presence in the industry. will cater to the wardrobes of globetrotting women worldwide. The collection includes staple pieces such as Maja’s eco-friendly black illusion one piece, her ballet dancer series shot at The SLS Dubai, and the rockstar bikini and resort wear sets. The collection focuses on a versatile lifestyle look that’s easy to switch up or down with the right cover up for special occasions. With a constant demand for travel, Maja’s collection combines sustainable fashion with signature elements and colorful designs in a way that is exaggerated and playful and evokes a sense of elegance with fun. thrives on sustainability and its “14-Day Return & Exchange” policy which has been able to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world to shop their products online.

The priority focus of Shop The Showroom is to provide entrepreneurs with a cost effective way to produce products using sustainable material. The platform currently maintains a global network of entrepreneurs from London, France, Australia, Spain, and Dubai who promote their own fashion campaigns with the company. Everyone must fill out an application online, get approved as Brand Ambassadors, and then design product samples to create content for their very own private label collection. Brand Ambassadors at Shop the Showroom accumulate a team of versatile fashion models, designers, influencers, and entrepreneurs who inspire and teach their audience about sustainable entrepreneurship.

“Brand Ambassadors who travel extensively are the most successful collaborators at our company.”, says Laura Preston, Senior Brand Manager of Shop The Showroom.

Throughout Maja Malnar’s career in the fashion industry, she has traveled to numerous countries to collaborate with luxury brands such as Bvlgari, Chopard, Armani, and Linda Farrow, and has established herself as one of the informed and versatile entrepreneurs with a keen eye for the best products that evoke a “Cher from Clueless meets Carrie Bradshaw” lifestyle. She has further led her entrepreneurial endeavors and experience as a consultant for a diverse selection of luxury retail and hospitality brands and advised private equity firms on investments. Maja has graced the cover of magazines, walked in international fashion weeks, and collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world. Along the way, she has also built a massive social media following, with over 1 million Instagram followers, and continues to grow her philanthropic work and passion for sustainable fashion.