Maeve Reilly NYFW

This September is a big one for celebrity stylists, especially following a year of no in-person events due to the coronavirus pandemic. But now that IRL events are safely able to resume we’re moving full steam ahead with New York Fashion Week, the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards coming up on September 12, and fashion’s biggest night out, the Met Gala, making its glorious return on September 13.

With a high-profile client list including Megan Fox, Lala Anthony, and TikTok breakout stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, stylist Maeve Reilly has her schedule packed this season. Not only is a stylist task with creating show-stopping looks for their clients (which Maeve does oh-so well), they must be fast-acting and able to divert problems on the spot.

Take yesterday’s Moschino show, for example — some unexpected rain and an outdoor lawn event left a few attendees drenched. However, spot Maeve Reilly two steps ahead, keeping her client, Megan Fox, prepped and flawless on the spot — and with poise might I add. Like, take a look at how stunning Fox looks below.

As we gear up for more front row looks, red carpet appearances, and excellent street style ahead, we chatted with Maeve on her current favorite trends, designers, predictions on the season’s stand-out accessories, and must-haves for New York Fashion Week (and beyond).

Maeve Reilly NYFW
Megan Fox and Maeve Reilly at Moschino SS 22 show

Grazia: What’s your favorite fashion trend right now?
Maeve Reilly: I really love color right now, which is something I thought I would never say as a girl that loves black — like the Bottega green.

G: Oh, I know exactly what you’re talking about, I’m obsessed!
MR: Yes! It’s like a kelly green, but I’m calling it Bottega green (laughs). I’m literally wearing a pair of Jordans and a button-down in the color right now. I’ve never seen a color that’s been so popular as this one has been this year.

G: How do you like to style Bottega green into your wardrobe?
MR: I like to mix pops of color into the wardrobe, it’s such a fun way to switch up pieces you already have — like throwing on a pair of sneakers with a feminine dress, I think, is really fun. I’m just super excited to see people dressing up again, and getting joy from it is the most important.

G: Same here. Each fashion week season, we see a standout accessory that everyone is wearing in their street style looks. What do you think this season’s la piece de resistance will be?
MR: I think everything is Bottega right now. I have never loved an item so much that I’ve wanted to have it in every color as I do with this brand. I really am into the pouch and the Jodie right now. I have both in a variety of colors and so do my clients! We’re all stocking up on this bag and pairing it with fun sneakers or a crop top. It’s definitely been my go-to, and I can’t get enough of it, honestly.

G: Other than your Bottega Jodie bag, as a stylist, what do you never leave the house without?
MR: I always always have the Colgate Optic whitening pen. I recommend it for anyone I ever work with as well. A bright smile can really enhance your features it’s definitely changed my life and my confidence level. When you use it as directed, it removes over 15 years of stains.

G: Okay, wow, I definitely need to grab one.
MR: Yes! Let me know what you think, I absolutely love it.

G: How does your approach to styling change as you work with different clients?
MR: All my girls are different. I obviously have a very kind of vibe and definitely attract a certain type of client; however, I think each one of them is so unique and individual in what they’re trying to convey at any given moment. I guess what I’ve been good at over the years is capturing who they really are, making sure they feel independent, and presenting themselves the way they want to.

I don’t ever tell them what to wear. I definitely have some clients that rely on me more and are like, “Maeve, I literally have no idea, I’ll wear anything you tell me too” and I have others that I work with collaboratively on looks. So I think it’s a lot about reading energy and making sure each of them feels like themselves.

G: What have you been most excited about this upcoming fashion season? Especially with the Met Gala closing it out.
MR: And the VMAs! It’s a busy week! I’m mainly excited just to see my friends you know? And be around everyone. I’m really social, but I’m also a weird introvert/extrovert, so I do like to be alone. I’m also really excited to support designers and be around everyone.

G: I must ask, as it is Fashion Week, what designers are you most excited about right now?
MR: LaQuan Smith! I’m really excited about what he’s doing. He gets it. The sexiness and edginess are so good — it’s definitely for my girls and me. Also, Mugler, what Casey is doing is amazing, and Simon at Jacquemus — I’m just loving these younger designers creating these incredible designs. But overall, I’m just so happy for everyone right now and see everyone thrive.