Courtesy: Louis Vuitton

Opening during the art week activations of Art Basel, the inaugural opening will be of the Miami Women’s Store. Transforming the Miami Design district into an event that encapsulates on-lookers into the world of the Objets Nomades, a celebration of home décor and sculpture created by world-renowned designers such as the Campana Brothers and Zanellato/Bortotto, the two-story façade of the building will explode into a celebration of color and vibrancy, right on par with the energy that Miami holds so dear to its legacy.

Jubilance and wonder ensue, with an exhibition designed by Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola which celebrates the world of Objets Nomades and all of its intricacies, wonder, and bewilderment.

2021’s “Objets Nomades is a collection of travel-inspired furniture and sculptural pieces, inspired by internationally renowned designers.

Featuring pieces such as the “Aguacate” by the Campana Brothers, you can bring a little piece of the world at-large to your home with this new collection.

Alongside new pieces from the 2021 collection to explore, such as the “Cosmic Table” by Raw Edge or the “Lanterns” by Zanellato/Bortotto, guests will be invited to view some of Urquiola’s signature pieces, such as her “Hanging Chair.”

As a kickoff for further celebrations to come, this inaugural event seeks to inspire and translate Urquiola’s vision to all who come to see it. This collection is a vessel through which the unmatched artistic perspectives of the Objets Nomades collaborators come to life, celebrating the fashion house’s expertise on domestic extravagance.

After the dust has settled on the eventfulness of Art Basel, Louis Vuitton celebrates the long-awaited opening of its Miami Men’s Store. With architecture and design that reflects the vibrant spirit of Miami as well as the history of craftsmanship and innovation by the fashion house, this marks a meeting of two worlds, inspired by innovation and legacy.

The building’s intricate, geometric façade will take the stage. It will feature aspects of the Objets Nomades collection, specifically the “Diamond Screen,” by Marcel Wanders Studio.

As a homage to the bright city, on inaugural night, the front of the building will illuminate an array of colored lights, dazzling and inspiring.

The legacy of Louis Vuitton is something classic, almost nostalgic. But it is also new and fresh, and as the world changes and aesthetics shift into the contemporary era, Louis Vuitton takes a bright, fresh, and reimagined angle on the sensibilities of modern luxury.

Both with the Objets Nomades exhibition and a spectacle to behold at the Men’s Store, Louis Vuitton reminds us why it stays relevant and a sight to behold in an ever-changing world of visual wonder.