Lil Nas X has blown up our social media feeds once again. The 22-year-old “Old Town Road” singer landed a major celebrity milestone last night on Saturday Night Live — the infamous wardrobe malfunction.

On Saturday night, Lil Nas X took the SNL stage to perform for the NBC comedy sketch show’s season finale. He commanded the stage in a flame-adorned leather two-piece outfit, debuting his performance with his hit song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” As seen in the music video for the song, Lil Nas X featured pole-dancing in his performance, but as he squatted down to perform, the seam in his pants split with ease down the middle.

He gave the audience a deer-in-headlights look, but swiftly transitioned into performing the rest of his track, being discreet as to hide the gleaming wardrobe malfunction. The singer later took to Twitter to write “not my pants ripped on live tv. I wanted to do my pole routine so bad this (is) what I get lmaoo.”

For his second song of the night, Nas X performed his newest song “Sun Goes Down,” and that performance went off without any unexpected revelations. The singer wore a white suit completed with hefty silver rings, a testament to his love of pageantry and style.

This isn’t the first time Nas X has run into heat with fashion however. In March, when he released his song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” he also produced 666 pairs of what were coined ‘satan shoes’ that were stylized Nike Air Max 97s complimentary with a single drop of human blood. Nike launched a lawsuit against the production of the shoes on the basis that it “infringed on and diluted its trademark.”

The singer seems to bring controversy with him no matter what he does. When “Montero” was released, outrage was sparked among conservatives on Twitter. The video for the song, which featured biblical references, a pole-dancing descent into Hell and a lap dance with Satan himself, was accused of  “destroying our youth” by conservative political influencer Candace Owens. On Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle, a guest on the show said “Nas might find himself sliding down that pole for real.”

Nas has continually made a name for himself in this reinvention. He takes center stage being unapologetically Black, gay, and ready to reinvent artistic contribution in the modern-day music industry. The only question left to ask is, what will he do next?