You’d think that trust is an outward necessity bestowed on people, things, or situations, but what is often left undiscussed is trusting yourself. We’re so focused on gaining outward trust or learning to trust others, but nine times out of ten we don’t even trust ourselves.

When it comes to self-love, a big part of it is having confidence in who you are, your capabilities, and loving the parts of yourself that you dislike.You don’t fear the future and you’re confident in what life holds for you. This should be a main priority for everyone to achieve, but we’re unknowingly holding ourselves back from elevating our life and stepping into that next-level self.

Are you in a position where you feel strong and empowered to lead yourself to achieve the life of your dreams? If so, Arabelle Yee encourages you to keep walking on that path because the best is yet to come. But to do so, trusting the unknown is a vital step.

Arabelle Yee is an entrepreneur, certified psychotherapist, and transformational life strategist who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs step into the highest version of themselves. It’s never too early or late to transform your life, and all the hard work you’ve put in up to this point has not been for nothing. This is your moment to take a bold step forward and walk with life’s contrasts.

But the journey is not always linear. If it feels like you can’t move forward, there may be something holding you back, keeping you stuck in place. And the more you remain this way, the more it starts creeping in. Doubt finds its way back causing you to question if you’re worthy of the limitless potential you envision for yourself.

These are normal experiences, learn to accept that you are allowed to fail forward. “The space between here and wherever it is that you want to be,” Arabelle shares, is what she defines as The Void. This is the space where you get to choose how you want to become and how to lead yourself and ultimately your life. But so many of us fear this void when we should be welcoming it.

“A lot of people say ‘I want to be happy, I want to meet the love of my life, I want to be rich, I want to make a million dollars, I want to move to a different city,’ etc. But we are here, right now. And in here and out there lies a gap, and when we are in that gap, it is the hardest, most challenging part because we know where we want to go. We have the vision,” Arabelle explains.

“And we’re also doing all the work right? Whether it’s meditation or learning skills like attending courses or upskilling yourself or proving to your boss in your career that you are worthy of a promotion or salary advancement. But you’re not getting it yet. And that space is The Void.”

Your visions are not manifesting, which is a result of fear and a lack of trust for yourself and the unknown, aka the future. Many of us spend a large part of our lives remaining “stuck.” We choose to let doubt, fear, hesitation, and guilt control our decisions.

“In that space (the void), we come up with all these stories: It’s not working. I’m doing all the work. It’s not for me. I’m not good enough. I’m unlucky. But that’s when the real work is required because it’s the space where a lot of people will give up and say, ‘this is not working.’ But most of the time, the moment you quit, you’re almost around the corner,” Arabelle encourages.

It all comes down to the power of choice. You can either choose to stay stuck and contest yourself, or, feel something different. Trust your inner compass and let it guide you to a life of certainty, confidence, and endless possibilities.

Arabelle discusses all this and more in her Masterclass Program The Void which teaches bold women the art of walking with the unknown powerfully. The 60-minute masterclass dives into the energetics, psychology, human behavior, and most importantly, the practical steps you can take right now to make a change.

The Void is not something to fear, it’s something to embrace. When you modify your perception, you can position yourself as a leader in control of yourself. You get to decide who you are and who you’re becoming by believing in the process. Life is constantly changing, so why not confidently change with it?

“When we understand on a deep level why we are the way we are and when we get out of our way, then there’s nothing that we can’t do,” Arabelle emphasizes.

If you’re ready to hold the frequency and take a leap of faith, sign up for her Masterclass The Void today. Your moment is now — are you willing to take the jump?

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