The thing about face masks is that they’re really, really not chic. Not even the cute linen ones, not even the ones that match your floral Tory Burch maxi dress and especially not the disposable medical ones. They make you hot, they give you maskcne and they wipe all your foundation off, which makes you look even cuter when you can finally remove them. But here’s the thing: we’re in a global pandemic, people are dying and whether or not we look chic shouldn’t be the priority.

Someone needs to fill Lana Del Rey in on the above because for the second time, the singer has been spotted sporting a bejewelled mesh mask that probably, definitely does nothing to stop the spread of COVID.

Over the weekend, Del Rey posted a series of photos and videos from a meet-and-greet with fans where she was reading passages from her new poetry book Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass. 

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Impromptu signing

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In response to her posts, fans wrote Lana is making it really hard to stan her right now. “YOU MAKE IT SO HARD TO STAN PLEASEE WEAR A PROPER MASK,” one person wrote in a comment that’s gotten over 37,000 likes.

Back in September, Del Rey wore a mesh mask for the first time on the cover of Interview magazine, which is likely where she got the idea from. But there’s a bit of a difference between accessorizing for a shoot with a mask – where all cast and crew would’ve been COVID tested – and interacting with fans at an event. Eep. Medical maskcne masks for the win.