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Cast your minds back to 2018. A time before global pandemics, designer face masks, and rappers running for President. A time when the biggest thing taking up space in our brains was whether or not Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were in love IRL after their incredible performance in the most talked-about movie of the year, A Star is Born.

Though, thankfully, the rumors of a real-life romance seem to be false – yes, despite that Oscars duet – Cooper and Gaga did a damn good job at playing up their chemistry, proving that Gaga is not only an incredible singer, but that the girl can act, too.

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Now, it’s reported that Gaga has landed her second big on-screen gig, and it’s beside none other than Brad Hot Volunteer Pitt.

According to E! News, Gaga is in talks to join Pitt in the upcoming action thriller Bullet Train, which is based on Kotaro Isaka’s book Maria Beetle. The film follows five assassins who find themselves on a train under mysterious circumstances, though it’s unclear yet what role Gaga or Pitt will play.

Though Gaga’s made a career out of singing, her first passion was always acting,; she just couldn’t land a job. “I couldn’t make it as an actress, I was bad at auditioning,” she said in 2018.

From Cooper to Pitt isn’t a bad track record for someone who “couldn’t make it.” But that’s Gaga for you.