Kristen Stewart on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Credit: Getty Images)

As you all may know, Kristen Stewart is on a path to solidifying herself into acting history, and no we don’t mean for her performance in the Twilight franchise… Although that does deserve attention. Stewart is set to play Princess Diana, the stylish and much-beloved people’s princess in the upcoming film, Spencer. Talking about this on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Stewart explains just how hard it was for her to get into the character of Diana, and just how hard it was to get her voice right.

Fallon, while talking to Stewart about her role, told her that he “got lost” in her performance as Princess Diana. He even said he couldn’t tell a difference between the two at some points.

“Tough to do the accent, is it?,” Fallon asked, and in response, Stewart had quite the metaphor to describe exactly how it felt to try and do Diana’s voice.

‘Yeah. It’s like so muscular. It’s exhausting,” Kristen said. ” When I speak, I feel like I don’t open my mouth and I feel like this croaked frog, Words come out her mouth like bubbles and I’m like brick to the floor.”

Kristen Stewart in Spencer
Kristen Stewart in Spencer (Photo: Courtesy of Neon)

Stewart went on to say that this performance was another way for her to push the envelope in terms of her acting. She said that Diana was an extremely “complicated and difficult to understand” personality to nail down.

“I’ve been doing this for a minute, so there’s really no way, there’s no reason to keep going unless you’re going to try and, you know, push the envelope,” Stewart said. “And, if you cancel out all of that noise, she’s so, she’s so sparkly and she’s, like, so completely complicated and difficult to understand. And we lost this person too early, so I think that we’re always kind of, we’re never going to have the information that we want to have.”

“She reached out and touched people in a way that nobody ever really has, especially in that environment.” Stewart ended.