When it comes to Instagramable intimate and romantic gestures, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker remain unmatched. I mean, what person in their right mind wouldn’t want to be met with a bed of rose petals just hours after getting engaged to the love of their life? In new photos posted by Kourtney, she can be seen basking in the glow of post-engagement bliss, surrounded by a sea of red flora on crisp white sheets. Of course, these photos were probably taken by Travis himself.

For the week anniversary of their engagement, Kourtney took it upon herself to post even more pictures from the night of, which we’ve already gotten piles of since the announcement last week. But while the roses and the crisp white sheets are enough to evoke images of romance, Kourtney also wasted no time flashing the huge rock Travis gave to her.

Kourtney wrote under the picture “I can’t believe this was a week ago @travisbarker 🌹,” looks like someone is still deep into her honeymoon phase, and we’re so here for it.

Roses are of course a pretty typical flower when it comes to romantic settings and gestures, they’re all over marketing campaigns for Valentine’s day, they’re always in stock at your local florist. The rose has become synonymous with a symbol for love, and Kourtney and Travis are certainly no exception.

In fact, they got engaged in a field of red roses. The two stood oceanside, surrounded by clusters upon clusters of the flowers shaped in a heart for the engagement, and left hand in hand through rows of bouquets on either side of them. You could definitely say that this flower has become a key symbol of their relationship.

And, at risk of sounding a little speculative here, Rose would also happen to be a great name for a baby girl.