From public make out sessions to teasing about a potential Las Vegas secret wedding, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s relationship has been full of surprises over the last couple of months. Now, it looks like there may be a chance that Kardashian gave Barker the go-ahead to… cut her hair?

Now look, we’ve all had to ask roommates, partners or family members for haircuts during the pandemic lockdowns, but surely for a Kardashian, this isn’t necessary, right?

In an Instagram story posted yesterday, Kardashian displayed a snap of what looked like a lengthy bunch of black hair on the ground with the caption “haircuts by @travisbarker,” and I don’t think there’s much reading between the lines on that one.

While the picture of the cut hair has been posted, and the culprit named, what we don’t have is the result. Kardashian has been known for her long black hair over almost the entirety of her time in the public eye, and from the amount of hair in the picture, it seems like quite a dramatic change. Now I doubt she’ll follow the likes of Iris Law and go full buzzcut, (although how cool would that be) but for right now there are no concrete answers.

But this isn’t the only style change that Kardashian has undergone since her time with Barker. The KUWTK star has been recently seen with eye-color changing contacts as well as stunting silver caps on her teeth. On their recent trip to Las Vegas, Kardashian and Barker synchronized outfits, with Kardashian sporting a lace-up corset and tight leather pants and Barker wearing a black leather jacket and checkered pants.

Now that they don’t have the image of the show to upkeep, it’s no surprise that the Kardashians are starting to dabble in more experimental styles. And in Kourtney’s case, dating a pop-punk icon is sure to add on to the edge in Kardashian’s wardrobe.