Credit: Victoria Sirakova

What better way to celebrate Women’s Month than by honoring a brand made for women, by women, and to empower women every day? KiraKira Couture is entering the chat — and shoe lovers better run, not walk, to shop their iconic heels.

Founded by entrepreneur and savvy style guru Jenn Roth, KiraKira Couture cultivates class, elegance, and of course, sparkles, fit for any woman eager to express herself through fearless fashion. Following their official launch party in February for their “Fiercely Undaunted” collection, in partnership with The Nightfall Group, KiraKira shows no signs of slowing down. With Jenn at the helm, the brand is ready to fully embrace their foot-in-the-door moment, and keep breaking down more barriers to revolutionize the footwear industry.

Tell us about the process of first imagining what KiraKira could be, to actually seeing the brand come to life and be celebrated at the launch party!

Shoes changed my life. I’ve always loved shoes, but it wasn’t until I got the question “what’s your name again?” that my life path would be altered forever. It all started when I went to a networking event one night. Normally, these events are the WORST, but that night was particularly good. I met this group of people, and we were really vibing. But when we got to saying our goodbyes, they all looked at me and asked, “what’s your name again?” My heart sank. We had just been besties for the last three hours, and not one person remembered my name. I felt completely invisible. I immediately thought, “If I were wearing a pair of J-shaped heels, you would remember that my name is Jenn. I want to be memorable.” I came home and got to work searching for J-shaped heels! Researching customized footwear that showcases your name, your initials, your message. I wanted shoes to be remembered by, and nothing existed.

So, I decided to build J-shaped shoes myself. I started taking apart heels – LITERALLY sawing heels off hundreds of pairs of shoes! I studied heel construction and set out to create a custom design that also provided extra comfort through arch and heel support. Now, celebrating KiraKira Couture’s launch five years later blows my mind because I never expected one event would lead me to where I am going now. All I did was take the first step, and I believe every woman can follow the same path successfully. Granted, I ultimately decided to launch my line with “F” and “U” instead of “J,” but we’ll get there!

What is your main goal with introducing a new shoe-wear brand to the market, and how are you setting out to innovate the space?

KiraKira means glitter or bling bling in Japanese, and the goal of the shoe line is to make every woman sparkle and be memorable, both literally and figuratively. However, if a shoe isn’t comfortable, you won’t wear them very often. We want you to ALWAYS sparkle, so our innovation comes via our patented and uniquely constructed heel design that provides amazing support and comfort.

What did you see was missing from the shoe-wear industry that you wanted to truly revolutionize?

Heel customization was something I really wanted to find, and it just isn’t out there in the market. I didn’t see any personalization in shoes that made them feel memorable to me, and I am setting out to change that. Everything we wear says something about who we are and how we feel, and now everyone in the world will have a chance to say something unique through the message of their footwear.

You’ve released silver, red, and black designs – what inspired you to launch with these colors, and what else can your customers expect from you this year?

To me, there are three main things you need when stepping out in the world and going for what you want: boldness (red), sophistication (black), and a little bit of sparkle. So, I felt strongly that this would be the perfect trio to launch the brand. In the year ahead, we will also have a few new colors we will be showcasing, as well as a new design completely unique to the marketplace!

What does it mean to you to be Fiercely Undaunted?

When I look at my 3-year-old son, I think “he is so undaunted.” He is confident in what he wants to say and never hesitates voicing his opinions. This is an incredible gift. I know as he gets older there will be more and more opportunities to diminish his spirit and discount what he has to say, and I don’t want that to happen to him.

Initially, my goal of creating footwear was focused on creating something memorable. As I began creating the Fiercely Undaunted line, I discovered that I also found my voice through that process. Shoes are my superpower. I use my shoes as an anchor, as my superhero cape, I put them on and they help me feel more confident and powerful and strong. No matter the challenge, I can achieve anything as long as I take that first step.

I want to share my superhero power with the world. Being unapologetically ourselves is our unique gift to the world, and wearing the Fiercely Undaunted shoes will always remind you to celebrate that fact.

Your brand also has a special story and can send an empowering message to those battling many things – including cancer. Tell us about what the line means to you in this way.

For one individual that I know who is currently battling cancer, she puts on her Fiercely Undaunted shoes while getting chemotherapy as a reminder to kick cancer’s ass. In honor of her, and my incredible mother-in-law, and the many women I know who have been affected by breast cancer, we are going to be expanding the line with a pink Fiercely Undaunted shoe and will donate a portion of the sales towards breast cancer research.

What have been the most challenging and most exciting parts of being an entrepreneur in fashion?

With limited experience in the fashion business, no background in fashion and not having a single contact in the industry, it was extremely challenging trying to make this dream a reality. From constantly hearing the word “no” to quite literally not knowing what my next step should be at so many points in the process, I am incredibly proud that I was able to manifest this dream into reality!

After creating my shoe prototypes, I met with every manufacturer that would take a meeting with me (mostly owned by men) but no one took KiraKira Couture’s unique heel design seriously at first. I had a patented design that provided a more comfortable heel option by offering extra support for the arch and heel of your foot, but no one wanted to change the construction of how a high heel shoe was made.

I was met with constant rejection and it certainly took a toll on my spirits. I had to rely on maintaining my fiercely undaunted state of mind, as well as trust my instincts and the value and benefit my product brought to women. Eventually I met a manufacturer whose wife happened to be at the office that day. The owner’s wife agreed to try the shoe on and within seconds she was convincing her husband that this was a shoe he needed to make!

As a fashion outsider, what I didn’t know turned out to be my greatest asset. Not knowing the way things “should” be done allowed me to be innovative, and disruptive, and break the status quo. And I was able to invent something new in the process!

What fashion advice would you give to someone looking to boldly and fearlessly express herself?

Being bold & fearless is a state of mind so wear whatever brings out that side of you…. including wearing F.U. Shoes.

What makes you feel the most sexy and confident version of yourself?

For me, waking up and putting on something that makes me feel beautiful is a big part of making me feel confident throughout the day, and choosing the perfect shoe is absolutely essential. The right shoe can make or break any outfit. On top of that, I love a great spray tan!

Where do you see KiraKira in one year, and five years from now?

In one year, I envision walking into a room and seeing 25% of women wearing Fiercely Undaunted shoes. In five years, I can see Britney Spears dancing in my shoes (they are great for dancing!). I also want to continue expanding the line with products tied to moments important to me like Breast Cancer Awareness month.