Credit: @kimkardashian

Would you expect Kim Kardashian to sleep in anything less than the SKIMS Keyhole Dress? While you and I might opt for something a little less, how should I put this, casual, Kim definitely doesn’t spare any luxury when it comes to her nighttime ensemble, and people across the internet definitely have some thoughts regarding the placement of the cutouts on this particular garment.

Now, this isn’t to say we don’t love this look, it embodies bedtime sensuality and comfort, and Kim looks absolutely stunning in it. The dress in question is part of the new SKIMS sleep range, and features a hip-hugging figure that showcases a very large cutout on the chest and down the navel — the portion that people on the internet had the most to say about it. All in good fun.

Kim added to her Instagram story where she modeled the nighttime garment “This is the pajama dress. It’s definitely super open in the front,” which we would argue is the understatement of the century, but at least she acknowledges it. The dress retails for $78, and if you’re bold enough to try it out, you can get your own on the SKIMS website.

But of course, the internet did what it does best, and gave Kim a little bit of a hard time about the dress, especially regarding the placement of the cutout and which body parts are rendered the most vulnerable in the process.

Most of the comments read something like “ain’t no one sleeping in that dress,” but others got a little more creative with their responses.

One person wrote ““Tbh yall are probably the only ones that could sleep in that dress. Lord knows my girls would fall out immediately,” referring to Kim’s famously curvy family. A third person wrote ““KIM if you don’t think one of my boobs will end up through that hole…” You can read some of the other hilarious responses in the tweet thread below.

So what do you think? Will you be bold enough to try out the Keyhole Dress, regardless of what might slip? The collection drops today at 12PM EST, so you better get ready to get shopping!