If you had asked me a year ago if I ever thought I’d see Pete Davidson wearing SKIMS, I’d probably say no and wonder what kind of timeline we’d have to be in for that to happen. Well, apparently we are living in that unforeseen timeline, because Kim Kardashian joined Pete Davidson for his 28th birthday on November 16, and she not only showed up, but brought SKIMS pajamas for herself, Kris Jenner as well as some for Davidson. And of course, they all looked great.

In an interesting turn of events however, Davidson nor Kardashian were the ones to post these snaps, rather it came from Flavor Flav’s Instagram account, who captioned the post “celebrating my adopted son Pete Davidson’s birthday wit the legendz @kimkardashian and @krisjenner 🥳🎂🎊👑⏰ Pete,,, I never took a clock off my neck to give to someone and you will be the last person I do this for,,, it lookz real good on you,,,, happy birthday,,,,”

In the photos, the trio can be seen wearing the coveted Fleece Plaid Sleep Set, specifically in the “sienna plaid” color.


To make the looks even cooler, each respective celebrity adorned their comfy-cozy pajama look with jewelry and accessories that added a layer of fun to their looks. Kim wore a long gold chain with a crown emblem, Kris wore white shades (because she’s a cool mom), and Davidson of course wore Flavor Flav’s clock chain.

An interesting aspect of these pictures to note is that while Kris is wearing a full set of the pajamas, it seems like Kim and Pete and respectively wearing one half of a full set. Kim wearing the pants and Pete wearing the shirt. Now, we could be reading too much into this, but could it mean that they’re sharing clothes? If so, that would be some major evidence towards the romantic rumors that have been circulating around the two.