PARIS, FRANCE – JULY 05: Kim Kardashian is seen on July 5, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

Kim Kardashian has released a YouTube video tour of her SKKN by KIM office space, and as is to be expected from the neutral-interiors enthusiast, everything is white, beige and earth-toned.

The office was designed by Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez, who Kardashian just refers to as “Tommy and Waldo,” since she’s so close with them (the designers have previously worked with the Kardashian family on other properties). However, this time she’s also enlisted the expertise of Michèle Lamy of Rick Owens, who she credits with curating the furniture and “[coming] up with everything that I would possibly need and love for this big space.”

The office is massive – Architectural Digest approximates 40,000 square feet in size. To take up some of that space, Kardashian created a theatre room that features a floor-to-ceiling screen and oversized lounge space with tiered chocolate couches she says allow an area for her kids to enjoy.

Her favorite space is the open-plan kitchen, “I love seeing people having lunch, stopping and having a chat,” she explains. Several tables by Donald Judd feature in an otherwise all-beige kitchen area.

One very intriguing element is in Kardashian’s own office. The mogul has her own shower, which makes sense given her busy schedule. What makes less sense is the lone chair.

“I don’t know who put this in here,” Kardashian says before adding that sometimes, she will have her assistant sit as she showers and rattles off lists of things to do. She is a busy woman, after all.

Kim Kardashian office space
Bizarre or brilliant? The chair in Kardashian’s office shower. Image: YouTube.

One topic of controversy are the Jeanneret chairs in the conference room. According to Architectural Digest are collector’s items that were originally created for public buildings in Chandigarh, India in the 1950s — Kim Kardashian had them bleached so they worked within her office’s aesthetic. “It’s blasphemous that I did that if you know anything about furniture,” she says in the video, very aware of the scandal she may be causing among those in the know.

Kim Kardashian office space
THE Jeanneret chairs. Image: Youtube

Still, they do look great — as does the whole office aesthetic. It’s clear Kardashian has been schooling herself on interiors and enlisted the best-of-the-best to design the space with her.

“It’s soothing, comfortable and clean. I love that,” she says.