Kim Kardashian/Instagram

No expense is spared on Halloween and Kim Kardashian is proving just how far she’ll go for the annual holiday. Overnight the reality star showed off the incredible decorations outside the front of her Los Angeles home and inside the lobby but make no mistake, it was completely on brand.

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Casamigos Tequila

“Perfect Halloween 2022”, Kardashian captioned a post on Instagram. The video starts at the walkway of her home where she explained she wanted “a skeleton theme” and had trees made up of fake bones. As you walk down the pathway there are hooded statues performing a ritual around a bonfire. Kardashian said her “favorite part” was hands sticking out from the ground, which resembled zombies, that were moulds from her family, friends and even the chef.

In keeping with her beige aesthetic or as the Skims founder put it “a more tonal palette,” the decorations continued into the lobby. This is where it starts to get spooky. “Inside we have a really creepy situation going on here,” she said. Pieces of ripped fabric lined the walls and the ceilings while mummies dangled in different spots of the hallway.

From one of the rooms you could hear the family watching a horror film which made the vibe of the space even more scary. You will absolutely not catch me in that house at night — even if it is Kim Kardashian’s.

In a now-deleted video from the @KimandNorth TikTok account, the beauty mogul also shared a quick behind-the-scenes look into her children’s Halloween costumes from a lavish photoshoot. They each recreated an iconic pop star with North dressed as Aaliyah, Saint as Snoop Dogg, Chicago as Sade Adu and Psalm as Eazy-E. You can see the screenshots, here.

As for her own costume, we will just have to wait because it will no doubt be extravagant.