While you may have heard the news that Kim Kardashian has moved to re-brand her cosmetics company, KKW Beauty, in light of her split from Kanye West, the re-brand might not be what people have speculated it to be — that is, not dropping the “West” portion of her name.

Even after Kardashian and West’s split, Kim still includes “West” in the latter portion of her name.

“Kim’s decision to rebrand has nothing to do with dropping the W in KKW since she has not changed her legal name and still goes by West,” a source close to the decision said in a statement. West and Kardashian split after six years of marriage this past February.

It appears that the two are getting along just fine, so much so that West is aiding Kardashian in the re-brand of her cosmetics line. West, 44, helped Kardashian to come up with a new name for the company, a name which hasn’t yet been released. The same source added that this re-brand has been in the works long before the divorce, so that wasn’t a factor considered.

Like her sister Kylie, Kardashian’s cosmetics company also underwent business dealings with Coty Inc. But unlike Jenner, who signed for a 50% share with Coty, Kardashian only opted for a $200 million licensing deal with the company, something that roughly adds up to 20%.

But get out your wallets because KKW Beauty is offering a discounted rate through the end of July before the site shuts down for its reconstruction.

“On August 1st midnight we will be shutting down the kkwbeauty.com site so that we can come back to you under a completely new brand with new formulas that are more modern, innovative and packaged with an elevated and sustainable new look,” Kardashian said in a statement from Tuesday. “I’m excited to continue to develop and expand my product range and for you to finally be able to experience it the way that I have always envisioned.”