Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth (Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Kate Bosworth often credits her stepdaughter as being the reason she learned how to cook. Last May, in an interview with Vogue, Bosworth recounted how she didn’t want to feel like she was doing anything wrong in her marriage and as a new stepmother.  “Actually, one of the things I really had to overcome—I know this is going to sound silly but it’s true—I truly couldn’t even toast a piece of bread. I was such a failure in the world of cooking, and was actually super intimidated by it,” says Bosworth. 

She continued: “After the second week of ordering pizza, or Indian, or whatever, a real maternal instinct came in that nudged me to say, ‘If you’re going to nurture a growing girl, you better learn to feed her properly.’ Now I love to cook, it’s a huge passion of mine. I cook all the time for my family, but it started with her.”

Now Bosworth often shares her favorite recipes on her website, Kind.Est. There’s lemon chicken piccata, the first dish she ever made with her stepdaughter, Jasper, as well as a remixed version of chicken piccata for sandwiches and caesar salads. And while the 38-year-old also let fans in on her infamous Christmas Eve Ragú, by far, the most popular recipes shared are comfort foods. Let’s see, there are what she is calling the best chocolate chip cookies ever, molasses crackle cookies, adorable teacup cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, and strawberry shortcake

But don’t you think, even for a second, that Bosworth isn’t actually eating these recipes. As it turns out, this is exactly how she likes to eat when she isn’t fueling her body for long days acting on set. “The hours can be long and irregular, and sometimes we work through the night.” Bosworth explained to National Geographic UK last September. “So I eat a lot of really good complex carbs, like sweet potato or chickpeas, protein and a lot of vegetables. During my time off, I make comfort food and don’t worry so much about how the food makes me feel.”  

And there you have it.