Jennifer Lopez has covered a lot of ground over the years with a diverse array of hairstyles, and she has yet to miss the mark.

Something we’ve never seen from her is a style a little more bold and daring, she usually keeps it very safe and natural with her signature honey-brown.

The world continues to turn, things change, people grow, and JLo decides to have pink hair. It’s all part of the natural beauty progression of any pop star, and we’re here to celebrate that, so let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Now, before anyone gets too excited, we can almost 100% guarantee that this hairdo is a wig, seeing as we have not seen any photos of JLo in pink hair going around lately. Regardless, the shoe brand DSW shared a photo of Lopez to their Instagram account which featured some subtle texture around the ends. It looks as though the hair was intentionally kept a little messy on purpose, to help channel the edgy nature of the overall photoshoot.

We love a chunky black boot moment, especially for someone like JLo who usually keeps things very sleek and tailored. For this shoot however, she channeled something a little more bad girl, not completely polished and full of an energy that says “you better not make eye contact with me.” Lopez is dressed in a head-to-toe, chainmail-like garments over top a black bodysuit and fishnets. On her head, aside from the pink hair, which is the obvious statement here, she wore a black beanie over top (perhaps to hide the lace-front) and a dark smoky eye look.

The boots that JLo is sporting in the photo are a creation of her own design, titled the “Briana Combat Boot,” available now on DSW.