Jane Goodall Essential Oils
Jane Goodall, English primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist, with a chimpanzee in her arms.

Jane Goodall, 86, isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. The world-renowned primatologist recently unveiled a new wellness-focused venture inspired by her love of Africa.

Neptune Wellness Solutions, Inc., specifically the company’s Forest Remedies brand, partnered with the legendary scientist to create the Jane Goodall Collection. Its hero launch is a carefully curated selection of essential oils that promote balance, harmony, and vibrance.

Together, Forest Remedies and Goodall have unveiled the “Wonders of Africa Essential Oil Kit,” available now. The set contains four multipurpose and sustainability sourced plant extracts: citronella, ginger, ylang ylang, and frankincense.

Goodall and Forest Remedies’ essential oils come from several countries in Africa. A farm in Togo harvests its citronella, and ginger and ylang ylang come from Madagascar. Finally, frankincense comes from the Somaliland.

To use the essential oils, add a few drops to a diffuser or a bowl of steaming water to inhale. They can also be used topically or added to a bath, so long as you dilute them in water first. The company recommends diluting five drops in one teaspoon of water.

Jane Goodall Wonders of Africa Essential Oil Kit

In line with Goodall’s dedication to the environment, the kit’s packaging is 100 percent recyclable. Even better, the company encourages you to plant its “paper” packaging, which contains lemongrass and poppy seeds.

“The more that we can provide people with products that they want to use that are produced in a sustainable way, the better,” says Goodall.

The Jane Goodall collection also includes Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer Spray. Sadly, both scents — Geranium and Rosemary — are sold out, probably because each 2-ounce bottle costs only $5. This sanitizer uses 100 percent organic cane sugar ethanol from South America, as well as aloe vera to keep your hands soft.

Five percent of the sale price is donated directly to the Jane Goodall Institute, global wildlife and environment conservation organization dedicated to advancing the leading primatologist’s mission. Funds will help protect wildlife and empower local communities.

The scientist’s partnership with Forest Remedies isn’t Goodall’s first foray into the wellness and beauty space. In March 2019, the Jane Goodall Institute partnered with Schmidt’s Deodorant Company to create a scent named Lily of the Valley, inspired by one of her all-time favorite aromas.

Schmidts Lily of the Valley Jane Goodall

“Schmidt’s asked me what was my favorite flower scent, and lily of the valley has always been my favorite,” Goodall told Ad Age. “When I was growing up, there were lilies of the valley growing outside my front door, my back door, and taking over my grandmother’s run of beans, and I just loved the smell.”

Environmentally conscious shoppers love the smell, too. Lily of the Valley has nearly a perfect five-star review online.