Let this sink in: Stormi Webster is getting accustomed to rocking luxury fashion labels while she learns the ABCs. The 2-year-old daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is no stranger to the lavish lifestyle, and it’s safe to say that she’s not-so-quietly becoming a style and beauty icon.

Consider the following fun fact, for example. One of Webster’s first words was “Birkin.” If that’s any indication of her familiarity with French fashion houses, then she’s bound to become a style expert in no time. Obviously, Webster’s millionaire mom plays a huge role in her daughter’s luxe lingo. She exposes her to fancy cars, the nicest clothes, and walk-in closets featuring color-coded—you guessed it—Hermès Birkin bags.

Kylie dresses her little one for the part, too. Webster frequently resembles a super cool social media influencer who’s right on top of the trends. Sometimes, the two even wear matching ensembles, setting the bar insanely high for mother-daughter duos everywhere.

Keep scrolling to take a journey back in time through Webster’s already impressive résumé of accomplishments in the style and beauty space.

She Wore a Super Luxe Backpack Her First Day of School

For her first day of homeschool, the little girl wore a pale pink Hermès Kelly backpack.

She Has a Lamborghini … Kind Of

Like mother, like daughter! Webster won’t have a license for another 14 years, but she has this Louis Vuitton-monogrammed Lamborghini, which is just as cool (for now, anyway).

She’s a Big Fan of Louis Vuitton

Kylie gifted her daughter the adorably small Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy (similar here) featuring a multicolor monogram.

She Loves Her Yeezy’s … Obviously

It’s no surprise that Webster loves to wear her Yeezy’s since her uncle Kanye West is the brand’s mastermind.

She Keeps Up With the Trends

The fashionista may be young, but she certainly knows what’s trending! Take this tie-dye outfit in summer 2020 for example, or her cute hair accessories.

She Has Her Own Makeup Line

Kylie launched a Kylie Cosmetics makeup collection in honor of her daughter’s second birthday in February 2020. According to the Lip Kit founder’s social media posts, the little girl appears to have had a say in the business endeavor.

She Rocks Versace as Well as Mom

For Halloween 2019, Webster recreated mom’s Met Gala look from that same year, wearing a miniature version of mom’s purple Versace gown.