Learn how to properly wash a blazer in the washing machine to keep it fresh!
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The blazer is undeniably one of the most essential pieces in a wardrobe… And with good reason, as it dresses up our jeans, pairs with our tailored trousers, or breaks the mold when matched with a leather skirt. In short, it’s a multifunctional piece that lets you appear polished for any occasion. However, this timeless item requires particular care that we don’t always master! Grazia is here to guide you step by step to a blazer that looks like new after a spin in the washing machine.


Washing a Blazer in the Washing Machine Is Possible!

When we treat ourselves to a blazer jacket, its folds are perfect, and it’s beautifully pressed. So, when we clean it, we naturally want it to maintain its original appearance. But, achieving that isn’t easy if you’re not a laundry cleaning whiz. Rather than running to the dry cleaner at the slightest sign of a stain, and to save some money as TikTok user Bubblebead suggests, you just need to properly set the washing machine and also choose the right drying method.


Washing Machine Settings and Drying… Here’s How You Can Do It

To prevent damaging the blazer, first set your washing machine to a delicate or wool cycle. This wash won’t exceed 500 spins and will stay at 30 degrees or below. The idea is to use cold washing to prevent it from coming out wrinkled. The slight catch is that the jacket won’t come out completely wrung out… With the current temperatures, it’s the perfect time for a major clean, as drying will be faster in the open air under these warm conditions. To maintain the initial shape of the piece, simply place it on a hanger and let it air dry. Don’t hesitate to use pins to fix the collar in place so it stays intact during the wash and drying process.


For those times when you can’t get to the dry cleaner, knowing how to wash a blazer in the washing machine can be a game-changer. Follow these tips, and your go-to piece for polished perfection will come out looking sharp—pressing guaranteed! Keep the blazer trend going with both style and practical care in mind, because nothing beats the convenience of being able to refresh your favorite blazer without ever leaving your home.