How Jennifer Lopez Stays in Shape
Jennifer Lopez walks the runway at the Versace show during the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 on September 20, 2019 in Milan.

Jennifer Lopez’s age-defying diet and workout regimen keep her feeling — and looking — decades younger.

When the Bronx native made a surprise appearance on the runway at the Versace fashion show in Milan in September 2019, it was clear that at age 50, she’s in the best shape of her life!

Flaunting her curves in a re-creation of the famously body-baring green dress she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards, Lopez proved that age is just a number.

“We’re conditioned to think, as women, that it would be over by now,” says Lopez, who celebrated another coming of age, 51, during the COVID-19 pandemic. “And the truth is, it’s not like that at all. I find myself growing and getting better every year, and that’s exciting.”

While Lopez is admittedly blessed with great genes, the singer, dancer, and actress also works hard to stay trim, toned, and taut. Lopez makes it a point to exercise first thing in the morning and frequently posts photos on social media of her grueling gym workouts with her equally fit fiancé, ex-baseball pro, Alex Rodriguez.

“I don’t like doing it later,” she says. “It’s harder to get there when I have my day going already.” Despite her demanding schedule and jet-setting lifestyle, Lopez sticks to a strict routine no matter where she goes. Sometimes it’s cardio dance routines or circuit training; other times, it’s ab and core exercises, lunges, or burpees.

“When I’m in New York, I work out with David Kirsch — he’s an amazing trainer,” she’s said.

“When I’m in L.A., I work with Tracy Anderson. They have two totally different approaches. I like switching it up with my body.” Lopez’s dedication to healthy habits has only improved upon her “beautiful amount of mental and emotional energy,” Kirsch has noted. “She’s very connected to her body, and she’s got crazy discipline.”

J.Lo’s eating habits are even more proof of her commitment to clean living. “Throughout the years, I’ve learned the importance of maintaining a healthier diet,” says the star, who avoids caffeine and rarely drinks alcohol. “I still eat some of the foods I love, but in moderation. I don’t deprive myself.”

As Lopez sees it, her fame is a platform to encourage other women to respect themselves, embrace body positivity, and love their less-than-perfect figures. “I think the idea of being curvaceous, being a little bit bigger than normal or smaller than normal, all of that is OK, as long as it’s healthy,” she’s said.

The most crucial benefit of being fit, however, goes way beyond beauty. “I am 100 percent convinced,” she’s said, “that working out is part of what makes me so happy!”

Jennifer Lopez Versace
Jennifer Lopez walks the runway at the Versace show during the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 on September 20, 2019 in Milan.

What Jennifer Lopez eats daily


Lopez reveals she usually starts her day with a shake. Her go-to flavors? A healthy blend of berries, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey, ice cubes, a squirt of fresh lemon and a scoop of protein powder. “She needs really good fuel for all the things that she’s doing,” says trainer Tracy Anderson. “It’s all organic, and it’s all very well thought out, with the balance of very high-quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-dense foods.”


“By lunchtime, I’m starving,” Lopez has admitted. Avoiding processed and sugary foods, she sates her hunger with a high-protein, low-carb combo like salmon with a broccoli, zucchini and pepper salad in a vinaigrette.


Lopez’s go-to evening meal is a lean protein paired with quinoa. “It feels like rice and beans, which I grew up with,” J.Lo, who is of Puerto Rican descent, has said.


Lopez avoids junk food like chips in between meals, but she always plans for unexpected cravings. “I always carry fruit and veggies with me to give me something to snack on,” says the performer.