Art: Kimberlee Kessler

The tides turn this week as the final instalment of 2023’s astrology gets well and truly under way. With Libra season in full swing and the next round of eclipses just around the corner, the energy has a ‘full steam ahead’ kinda feel.

Strategy, discipline and a dash of detachment makes Monday and Tuesday perfect for taking care of business. Don’t let a little setback mid-week throw you off your game, this too shall pass. On Friday, a spicy full moon brings the heat and could reopen old wounds.

Stay in your own lane and give anyone who’s likely trigger you a wide berth…unless of course, you feel like having it out. If you’re in the mood to unleash, the energy should give you the nudge you need to spit it out.

Over the weekend an out-of-the-box introduction or burst of inspiration could fuel a completely random change of heart. Once you move past the shock, you’ll likely find the change has been percolating since early July.


With your closest relationships firmly in focus, compromise, collaboration and empathy are a must-have to navigate the week ahead . Early on, a power play at work could feel a little triggering – try not to react. In the moment it could feel big, but the truth is it will be over before you know it. Savour the full moon feels on Friday which should have you feeling ready to take on the world and ditch a co-dependent habit, for good.


With wellness on your mind, you could find yourself randomly inspired to get your eating and exercise in a more balanced place this week. Open your heart mid-week when a friend in need could require a little extra TLC. Balance your schedule and divide your time wisely over the weekend with plenty of quiet to help recharge your batteries.


With the moon offering support early in the week, stepping back and looking at the bigger picture offers the perspective you need to look beyond instant gratification and play the long game. The middle of the week looks a little blegh, especially at work, so if you had anything planned requiring extra optimism, see if you might be able to postpone. Watch your step when an old, friendship-related wound could come undone around Friday’s full moon.


There’s drama to start this week as a power play has you questioning who’s really calling the shots. Lean into the airy Libran energy and try not to get sucked into the dynamic. The middle of the week looks perfect for cancelling plans; and even more ideal if you can get away by yourself for a night or two. Look to Friday’s full moon for clues on what you’re ready to let go of career wise, and be prepared to actually release it.


There’s light and shade this week (Friday looks particularly fiery), but Leo’s high point over the next seven days is definitely next weekend. Brace yourself when an unexpected pleasure has the potential to surprise and delight. If your finger has been hovering over the “go” button on something aesthetic (new hair, shoes, piercing) this might just be the moment you’ve been waiting for to throw caution to the wind and go for gold.


You’re all about the moula this week with the Sun beckoning you to put some major energy into how you’re saving and spending. The full moon on Friday has the potential to deal a big fiery “a-ha” moment around shared ventures (think: renting or buying a place together, loans, etc). Pulling the trigger is the easy part, navigating the relationship dynamics will be more challenging, but you’re nothing if not flexible. Have faith that whatever old insecurities arise – especially around having ‘enough’ – that these are hurdles you can move past.


You could be on the receiving end – or even the instigator – of a little drama at home Monday/Tuesday. If you’re cheesed off that you always get lumped cleaning up everyone else’s mess, try not to let it ruin your week. You’ll have much bigger fish to fry by Friday. A full moon in Aries highlights your most intimate relationships, and an old hang-up around ‘being seen’ could fuel an unexpectedly spicy outburst. The good news? Making up over the weekend will be unexpectedly sweet.


It’s a mixed bag this week with tensions running high to kick off Monday – especially with extended family. The ick is only temporary, so if you’re not in the mood for serious family fallout, turn the other cheek and have faith that it will blow over quickly. On Friday, the full moon invites you to be courageous about your health and wellbeing. That bad habit you’ve been needing to ditch might finally be ready to come to leave your life, forever. Be brave, you can do this.


A speed bump on Wednesday/Thursday could have you craving a doona day or just a few hours at home pottering around. Instead of pushing through, move with the ebb and flow of energy and give yourself permission to be lazy. Working from home  could be the best idea you have all week. On Friday, the full moon could resurrect an old social connection; be honest about whether you actually want that person (or issue) back in your life.


A power play with someone close to you on Monday could get out of control quickly. Think closely about whether or not you have the energy or desire to get swept away in the drama. The week’s most exciting moments come on Friday, when the full moon offers a major clear out on the work front. Striking a balance between what’s right for your career and what makes sense for your personal life will be a balancing act. Don’t assume continuing to do what you’ve always done is the best course of action.


There’s some incidental optimism on offer next weekend when someone close to you finds themself at the centre of a serendipitous moment. It’s a nice high to wrap up what will otherwise be a potentially intense week. As the energy moves towards the full moon on Friday, you could be feeling a little overwhelmed. That crescendo at the end of the week highlights a letting go, especially around behavioral patterns that you’ve well and truly outgrown.


A serious tone to the start of the week could have you navigating tricky territory, particularly with friends. As the moon moves through your home sign mid-week, the desire to lay low will be overwhelming. Just go with it! On Friday a full moon will force you to step up to the plate and get real about your cash situation. What do you really want, and how can you carve out a greater sense of independence with your money? It may require some tricky conversations, but try to stay with the discomfort, remember not all conflict is bad.