Thelmita’s Coffee is a family-owned business with a rich history that has been passed down through multiple generations, from woman to woman, and is currently owned by Ana Jahani. Ana is a Honduran woman who received an education at Cornell University and now resides in New York with her family.

Despite living in the United States, Ana remains deeply connected to her family’s heritage and the Honduran community. Thelmita’s Coffee is based in Marcala, Honduras, which is known for producing some of the world’s finest coffee beans. Ana and her family are committed to producing high-quality coffee beans using sustainable and responsible farming practices.

As a multigenerational company, Thelmita’s Coffee has a rich history and heritage, rooted in the Honduran mountains where their coffee is grown. The company’s namesake, Thelma, is Ana’s grandmother and the matriarch of the family. She has been operating the business independently since 1970.

Thelmita’s Coffee is more than just a business, but a passion for Ana and her family. They are dedicated to promoting the unique qualities of Honduran coffee and to supporting the local community. Honduras, despite having excellent resources like coffee, bananas, chocolate, and cigars, does not always receive the visibility it deserves. Ana and Thelmita’s Coffee are working to change that by highlighting the quality and uniqueness of Honduran coffee and supporting local farmers and businesses.

Honduras has a long history of coffee cultivation, and Marcala has become one of the world’s most premium coffee locations. The unique combination of high altitude, volcanic soil, and a mild climate has created the ideal conditions for growing exceptional coffee beans. Thelmita’s Coffee takes great care to ensure that their beans are of the highest quality, using sustainable and responsible farming practices.

National identity and heritage is important to Ana. Ana’s Ivy League education and background in business and agriculture contribute to Thelmita’s Coffee’s continued success and growth. Her expertise in both areas may also help the business to navigate challenges such as climate change, market competition, and evolving consumer preferences.

Thelmita’s Coffee is committed to promoting sustainability and supporting the local community. They work closely with local farmers, providing training and resources to help them produce high-quality coffee beans. The company also supports local schools and other community initiatives, helping to create a better future for the people of Honduras.

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Thelmita’s Coffee is also dedicated to producing exceptional coffee beans with a unique flavor profile. Their beans are grown at high altitude, which creates a denser bean that produces a richer, more complex flavor. The coffee is also shade-grown, which helps to protect the environment and provides habitat for local wildlife.

Thelmita’s Coffee is more than just a brand, it’s a reflection of the deep connections between family, community, and land. By producing high-quality, sustainably-produced coffee beans and promoting the image of Honduras as a country with a rich agricultural heritage, Ana and her family are making a positive impact on both the local and global communities.