Luigui Bleand doubles down on talent and joins forces with La Perversa, another popular Dominican artist. “Mueve Eso”, their collaborative track is the epitome of seduction as the Caribbean rhythms flirt with sensual tunes, inviting the listener to dance and be liberated of all prejudice.

Another incredible single from a famous musician and producer Luigui Bleand leaves listeners in awe of his mastery; “Mueve Eso” is a collaboration with a renowned Dominican singer and dancer La Perversa, and is available on all platforms with a music video dropping soon! The clip—shot between Brazil and the Dominican Republic and directed by Anyelo Santiago—showcases both artists as well as fans who are all united through music, dancing freely and enjoying life in the moment.

This year, Luigui Bleand is determined to create and share even more stunning pieces and already has an album lined up for release. His previous hits include “Lo’ Prieto”  feat. Musicologo The Libro has taken the media by storm.

Luigui Bleand is a multi-talented artist who is putting South America on the map in creative ways through his music. With roots deeply ingrained in his cultural heritage, Bleand’s music reflects an authenticity that is unmatched. Known for his soulful voice and songwriting skills, Luigui is also a talented producer and actor, as well as the founder of the Harley Boys Entertainment record label.

With his latest release, “Lo Prieto,” Bleand is demonstrating his continued evolution as an artist and his commitment to sharpening his unique sound. He has become a source of inspiration for those who aspire to succeed in the music industry, and his dedication and musical prowess have earned him a dedicated following.

As he continues to create and perform, Bleand is solidifying his place as a creative force and putting South America on the map in innovative and exciting ways.