Not only was last nights Eternals premiere filled with star-studded fashion and glamor, but there was also some ground-shattering reveals made that, up until now, were kept a complete secret. Turns out, that all this time, Harry Styles has been in the production of Eternals, taking on the role of Thanos’ brother, Eros. This was confirmed by writer Matt Donnelly last night as he attended the screening.

Donnelly tweeted “”Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere — Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos,” and immediately, reactions from across the spheres of social media were set into motion. Eros, according the Marvel canon, “possesses the psionic ability to stimulate the pleasure centers of the brains of people within 25 feet of himself” and he “can bridge the minds of two people, causing one of them to feel the emotions and feelings of the other.”

Harry Styles poses for The 2021 GRAMMY Awards on March 14, 2021 in Los Angeles, Califnornia. (Photo by Anthony Pham via Getty Images)

So basically, his power is the simulation of erotism and pleasure, something Styles hasn’t shyed away from in the past. I mean, have you heard about what he said his song “Watermelon Sugar” is all about?

However you may feel about this casting choice, or about Styles in general, there were definitely some strong reactions across social media as this news broke, from fans and critics alike.

One person wrote “NOW I HAVE TO WATCH MARVEL CAUSE OF THIS MAN OKAY,” and another person chimed in “”i apologize in advance for the person i will become if harry styles really is in the eternals movie.”

But not everyone was as thrilled as his fans were to hear the news, one person wrote “harry styles was just announced as part of the eternals cast list. i swear if i have to fight girls for tickets who are just there for harry i will rage,” but at this point, we say just let people enjoy things if their favorite artist is apart of it, whats the harm?