When everything feels just so wrong, there’s one person here to make it feel so right. Harry Styles.

Dropping his new music video, “Watermelon Sugar,” overnight, women and men around the world are uniting in a collective panty-drop, truly wishing they were the watermelon he devours in the clip (oh my, there have been thirsty memes aplenty).

Dishing up three whole minutes of pure escapist joy, Styles gently strokes then furiously gobbles chunks of watermelon in the clip. And if that doesn’t plug the veritable hole of the non-Euro summer (and our hearts), then the lyrics “I want your belly and that summer feelin'” and “Getting washed away in you” certainly will, offering a sexy, very fruity glimpse of sun-drenched, happier times.

The video opens with this message: “This video is dedicated to touching” – and Styles is clearly a man of his word. Walking onto a deserted beach bar with one dining table dressed in retro orange tablecloth, Styles sits solo at the table and proceeds to softly “touch” a slice of watermelon; spinning it, stroking it, tracing its freshly cut flesh (oh, the tease!).

Then he goes bang: taking a big juicy bite – and the world is left wobbly.

Of course, a gaggle of models appear dressed in the kind of retro garb Styles has now made his own personal style, and the well-dressed, very attractive group gets creative; experimenting with more fruit like strawberries and blackberries and raspberries, which they feed Harry on the sand.

There’s also some provocative play with whole watermelons, then it seems Harry gets very hungry, aggressively munching on slices of watermelon, even getting a little smushed into his beautiful, blue-eyed face.

He of course wears Gucci throughout the clip; from a multicolor striped crewneck sweater with light blue-washed eco denim pants and ivory silk twill scarf with floral print and knotted fringe detail, to the black acetate round frame sunglasses with brown lenses. And then there’s the crochet orange vest with lime green trim and sky blue sunnies that would make Dame Edna envious, it’s not only a lustful journey but a sartorial one, too.

All we know is, Sugar, ah honey honey, you are our candy boy, Harry Styles. And all of a sudden, we’re really hungry for some watermelon – preferably fed to us by Harry Styles.

Swoon / watch the video below.