“There are no problems, only opportunities”


Could there be a more quintessentially American style icon than Halston? Born Roy Halston Frowick on an Iowa farm, he rose from making chicken feather headdresses for his mother to outfitting American royalty (Jackie Kennedy, to start). From night school in Chicago, he soared to the dizzying heights of Studio 54 decadence (chronicled in addictive detail by Michael Kaplan on page 32). He was a rags-to-riches success story until he wasn’t, brought down by the ultimate hubris – viewers of Ryan Murphy’s delectable Netflix series will know – of selling the rights to his own name.

At Grazia USA, we know the weight and worth that a name can have. Eighty-three years after Grazia first launched in Italy, we launched Grazia USA online last October. We’ve been overwhelmed with the reception of Graziamagazine.com and our social channels – but we always wanted our first print product to be something special.

To that end, welcome to Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons, the newest and most exciting incarnation of the world’s premier style and cultural authority. Grazia has a reputation the world over for glamour, elegance, and effortless chic. Now, for the first time anywhere, Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons will marry our trademark authority, intelligence, and wit with a uniquely tailored local slant. All summer long, we’ll bring you exclusive celebrity interviews, fashion and beauty updates, and summer lifestyle, wellness, travel, and culture news from our global team of writers and experts. You can expect the brilliant writing and award-winning photography that have come to define the Grazia brand, but you’ll find it all aligned to the people, places, events and developments making waves right here, in New York’s most stylish summer destination. This is a whole new kind of publication: specifically dedicated to those who live, work, play, and relax in the Hamptons – presented through Grazia’s discerning lens.

After the strangest and most challenging year in living memory, our corner of the world is finally getting back to normal, and Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons will not only be a part of that; but also, it will be at the forefront of this reemerging social scene. So, to celebrate the return of “real world” socializing — and the first summer of what some are already calling the new “Roaring Twenties” — we’ll also be hosting a calendar of exclusive events in collaboration with iconic Hamptons destinations.

We couldn’t think of a better — or more stylish — time or place to do that than right here, right now. Welcome to the summer, and Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons.

David Thielebeule

Editor in Chief / Chief Creative Officer