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Here, we chat with fashion designer, Rosetta Getty, about her Fall Winter 2021 collection unveiled during NYFW.

#GOODQuestions with Rosetta Getty

Rosetta Getty headshot

How was the process of sourcing and designing different this season compared to past seasons?
This season, I think we finally got the hang of working virtually. In the beginning, it felt so unnatural, and we had to learn how to do this in a new way. Now, this being our third collection working this way, I think we have gotten into a rhythm that works for us.

Who or what was the source of inspiration for the collection?
For Fall/Winter 2021, we continued to work with Bernadette Van-Huy of Bernadette Corporation. She photographed and art directed the collection imagery. She is such a talented and creative force. Every season we work with an artist or institution and having them be a part of the conversation is always inspirational. I love to see and learn how other people work and create.

What’s your favorite look or piece from the collection and why?
It’s so hard to pick a favorite – I am so happy and proud of this collection, but I have been developing this jean for a very very long time and I feel like I finally got it. It’s so hard to find the perfect jean and even harder to try to design one. I am really happy with the way it turned out.

Who is the woman you design for? Who is your muse?
I design with a lot of women in mind, but lately I have been very inspired by my family. My kids and I have been at home together for a long time… working, attending school virtually, we are doing everything together. I see what my daughters are wearing and a lot of that influenced this collection. Creating things that I would want to wear, but also items that they would want to wear.

Tell us about a favorite fashion week memory.
We have worked with so many amazing artists – I have truly enjoyed working with everyone, so it’s hard to just call out one. We really loved collaborating with Alicja Kwade for Fall 2017 – she lent her work for us to recreate into prints as well as created an installation for our showroom. I think it was nice to see that collaboration materialize in so many different ways for that season.

What makes your day go from good to great?
Of course, any time I can spend with my family makes my day go from good to great, but something that always really makes my day is when a design is finally finished, and it comes together exactly how I envisioned it.

What won’t you miss about last year?
Last year was very confusing and uneasy. We weren’t quite sure what we were going through. We also had an election around the corner. I think now we feel stronger than ever – like we can really navigate and pivot and figure out how to get things done. I know personally, I feel more resilient and in some ways more creative.

What’s the last good book you read?
I recently read Natasha Stagg’s first book, Surveys. The novel explores our relationship with technology and social media. Obviously very relevant.

What is your favorite recipe to make?
I am not the best cook… but I do enjoy making a grilled cheese or pancakes for my kids. It’s fun to all be together in the kitchen. I am sure it’s not the best they have ever had…. I think I will stick to designing.

What is the last thing you do before bed?
I like to end the day with a gratitude list. I like to take the time to reflect, be mindful and appreciative, and to end the day on a positive note.