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Here, we chat with fashion designer, Christian Cowan, about his Fall Winter 2021 collection unveiled during NYFW.

#GOODQuestions with Christian Cowan

How was the process of sourcing and designing different this season compared to past seasons?
It was so different, sadly so much of the garment district has shut down. So, we had to work closely with the mills. The main difference was me being stuck in the UK throughout the entire season. The whole collection was done through the phone. It was a unique experience.

Who or what was the source of inspiration for the collection?
My customers, I’ve been really listening to what they want from us during the pandemic.

Do you have any day of show rituals that bring you good luck?
Honestly, I just need my oat milk mocha and I’m happy as can be!

What’s your favorite look or piece from the collection and why?
I adore the orange sequin drape dress with the matching leggings. We often create very structured pieces, so it was fun to do some draping this season.

Who is the woman you design for? Who is your muse?
She’s the woman who wants to be noticed, she loves a compliment and most of all she loves to be fabulous. My muse is my mother!

What measures did your team take to work efficiently but stay safe while producing this collection? How has COVID-19 affected the way that your brand has approached fashion week and the presentation of new collections?
We have professionals administering rapid COVID tests before anyone steps on set. That is a must. And then of course lots of PPE! We could drop a socially distanced show, but it doesn’t feel true to the brand! I’d much rather create fun and creative films till we can do our shows again.

In what way do you hope your collection makes a positive impact?
I want our customers to feel optimistic about the roaring 20’s to come!

Do you think it’s important virtual shows recreate the vibe of a show or create an entirely new experience?
For us, a totally new experience. We see it as an opportunity to show people new ways of viewing our collections.

Were there any experiences or lessons that you’ll take away from this unique season?
The importance of incredible wifi!

Tell us about a favorite fashion week memory.
There are so many, however Christina Aguilera running backstage and giving me a hug was a major moment.

What were you watching most while designing this season?
I honestly watched Star Trek (I’m a nerd) and Aljazeera almost every day.

Current fave songs you listened to while working on this collection?
I’ve been loving Slayyyter and of course Chromatica was one of the best releases of last year.

What’s your morning routine? What’s the first app you open each day?
First thing I do, kiss my boyfriend and have a coffee together. First app, WhatsApp!

Who in your life brings you good vibes and positive energy every day?
My boyfriend Piers & my mother are constant sources of support.

What makes your day go from good to great?
invoices. being. PAID!

Quote to live by? Quote you love?
I really live by “you only live once,” obvious but a helpful reminder. Favorite quote, “Madness is seeing life as it is, not as it should be” – Cervantes

Best news of the year for you so far?
That my Amazon order has been dispatched!

What won’t you miss about last year?
All of it!

What’s the last good book you read?
Honestly, haven’t read a book in years! Does a Seamless menu count?

What helps you connect with your inner grace and goodness?
A workout and a bath.

What is your fave recipe to make?
A Sunday roast!

Define what a good life means to you.
Being healthy, happy and have animals around.

What is the last thing you do before bed?
Check my messages.