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Here, we chat with fashion designer, Angela Missoni, about the brand’s Fall Winter 2021 collection unveiled during Milan Fashion Week.

#GOODQuestions With Angela Missoni

Do you think it’s important virtual shows recreate the vibe of a show or create an entirely new experience?
Personally I find most of virtual shows boring. I think that we have to use digital to create content that is a new way of expressing the creativity of a brand. For February Fashion Week, we presented a short movie in the format of a music video, not focused solely on the Winter 2021 collection, but with a mix and match of pieces from the different seasons of 2021 as the idea was to work with a real wardrobe.

Current fave songs you listened to while working on this collection?
There were countless songs but if I have to choose one it would be Mad World by Tears for Fears – cover by Underwaters, so much so that I chose it as soundtrack to the video.

What’s your morning routine? What’s the first app you open each day?
I’m very lucky as I live in the countryside, at the foot of the Italian Alps, surrounded by nature. As soon as I open my eyes, the first thing I see is my beloved Monte Rosa and its snowy peaks, a source of constant inspiration and wonder, and that marks the start of my morning routine.
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Define what a good life means to you.
I try to live by my father’s philosophy: he was a man ‘larger than life’, who believed that life has to be fully enjoyed, in every aspect and in any circumstance, that work is just a medium and not the ultimate goal, and that family and loved ones are the most important thing we have.

Do you have any day of show rituals that bring you good luck?
I usually give myself a gift before every show as a reward for the hard work.

What’s your favorite look or piece from the collection and why?
Cardigans. I should do a collection of cardigans only. Knit is the first thing you think of when you think about comfort, and that’s how Missoni started. Comfort is in the DNA of Missoni: being able to move at any point in the day, on any occasion.

Who is the woman you design for?
My collections are transgenerational. Missoni is a question of style and not of age. I am proud to dress my mum, still one of the coolest women as well as my daughters and their friends.

What measures did your team take to work efficiently but stay safe while producing this collection?
We’ve been lucky we have had few COVID cases in the company so far. I am so proud we were so organized in terms of prevention. All the measures have been adopted: distances, masks, quarantine, frequent tests.

Tell us about a favorite fashion week memory.
I’ve attended fashion shows since I was a child, aged 5 or 6. My most memorable was Missoni’s fashion show at the Piscina Solari in Milan in 1967.

Who in your life brings you good vibes and positive energy every day?
My boyfriend Bruno, my grandchildren, my mother and my children.

Quote to live by? Quote you love?
You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.

What is your fave recipe to make?
Carciofi alla Romana/Roman artichokes.

What is the last thing you do before bed?
Hug my boyfriend Bruno.