If you’re an avid TikTok user, you’ve undoubtedly seen GAP all over your ‘For You’ page recently. The brand, synonymous with American suburbia, is surprisingly the newest craze for #fashiontok. And it’s not the brand new Yeezy puffy coat launch or something new that’s grabbing ‘Toker’s attention but their oldest and most recognizable logo pullover hoodies which have been highly sought recently, specifically in a rare brown colorway after TikTok star Barbara Kristoffersen donned one in a Y2K themed outfit video back in January. As a result, #gaphoodie has 6.5 million views and counting. The hashtag includes users discovering the vintage colorway in thrift shops or attempting to DIY their own by dying other color variations (unfortunately ending in a fail attempt.)

Brown Gap Hoodie
Photo from GAP campaign

In addition to DIY and thrifting, Depop users have also listed the ultra-rare brown hoodie for up to $200 (the average price of GAP’s hoodies is $60). Now that’s what you call the power of TikTok. Either way, it seems GAP has heard the cries of its Gen-Z fandom and is coming to the rescue. That’s right; you’ll soon be able to put down the brown dye and stop searching through endless racks because the brand will be bringing its coveted brown hoodie back to the masses. The brown hoodie, which hasn’t been available for purchase since the early 2000s was one of the first of the style that has now been introduced in many different colors and fonts.

The early 2000s normcore style is just the latest early aughts trend making a comeback in 2021 thanks to TikTok (hello, jelly slides, anyone?) If you’re looking to get your hands on the trend, you can pre-order the brown logo hoodie below, which is slated to be delivered in August. Until then we suggest you to swipe through #gaphoodie for some excellent style inspo. 

Brown Gap Hoodie

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