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Something that is very surprising, especially for astrology “skeptics,” is that it really is a practice in telling the truth. It’s another language set, and it’s another way to start having really honest conversations. 

Astrology and practices like astrology can really be a very gentle introduction to transforming the world and to creating a society that is more comfortable recognizing its mistakes. The humiliation, the atrocities that have happened, instead of continuing to sweep them under the rug, we can start to pull them out and talk about them with a bit more humility. 

Different generations with different planetary signatures process things really differently. It seems to me that some of the older generations feel like when you talk about the hard thing, the hard thing is the problem. But through my practice, what I have learned is that the hard thing–whatever that may be on a personal or societal level-was hard, always. It’s been hard the whole time. So acknowledging it, bringing it into the light, allowing it to really exist is the most healing thing that one can do. Because without learning how to confront the challenge, we’re just going to keep sweeping it under the rug or circling around it, not acknowledging the pain that it’s already causing. But when we use the astrological language to acknowledge it allows us to then say, “OK, if we accept this as true, then what does the path forward look like?” 

Pluto is the outer planet that really corresponds with 20-year generations. A lot of millennials have Pluto in Scorpio, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people who are born in the ’80s to ’90s really feel like it’s our responsibility to do Scorpio things, to unearth things, to figure out what’s going on. 

Gen Z are Pluto in Sagittarius. They grew up on the internet and they are processing information at such a rapid speed. The Plutos in Scorpio pulled up all of it, and now Pluto in Sagittarius is going through it. All of this information is filtering through them right now. 

I’m really intrigued to see what happens when our Pluto in Capricorn babies start to grow up, because this is going to be the COVID generation. Capricorn does not mess around. It is a serious sign. It’s so intense and so stoic, that that this generation is going to have a lot to say. 

On the other side of this moment, our understanding of the United States is going to be really different. We’re going to be asking for a lot more accountability and we’re going to be asking for a lot more truth telling. For us to apply that on an individual level is the best work that we could be doing right now. Sometimes thinking so macro can get really overwhelming and really paralyzing. It can actually prevent us from showing up and taking action and supporting our community in the best way, because it feels daunting. So my recommendation is that each person gets brave and faces their own truth and finds their own internal courage. 

And then, most importantly, that each person starts to help others in their immediate community. That is really going to put everyone in the best position possible for whatever changes continue to come as a result of this unbelievable astrology that we have this opportunity to live through. 

There are no coincidences. If you’re alive right now, from an astrological perspective you’re alive during one of the most monumental and meaningful moments, at least in the United States’s history. No doubt about it. And that’s incredible. It’s an extraordinary blessing to be able to witness the transformation that’s taking place and to move with it. Even when things get overwhelming, it’s so important to remember that if you’re conscious right now, if you’re here, you’re here for a reason; you’re here because you can handle it and you can show up and you can do the work. 

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