As part of a sweet stay at home series, Chanel has been offering its sartorially-inclined following an inside glimpse into the esteemed French fashion house, chapters and episodes detailing the storied history of one of the world’s most iconic figures, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel.

In a fitting twist, the latest installment draws parallels between Coco and the world of cinema. From dressing Hollywood darlings (like Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor and Romy Schneider) to contributing firsthand in the costume department – it was Coco Chanel who suggested a raincoat and beret for Michelle Morgan in Port of Shadows – it seems Coco was as embroiled in the silver screen as she was couture. But ever the purist (and strong-willed French madame) Coco eschewed the gaudy glitz and glamour of La La Land, remaining true to her Parisian roots: “But she refused to be swallowed up in Hollywood glamour. She said Cut! and returned to Rue Cambon.”

The short film is only two minutes in length and makes for the perfect at-home watch while your coffee brews, egg boils, or team logs into the required Zoom meeting room. It’s also a brilliant way to immerse yourself in the wonder of high fashion without actually, you know… shopping.

Watch the full video below: