Mary Beth Barone
Credit: Instagram / @marybethbarone

This week, waking up and scrolling Instagram has been replaced by waking up and immediately refreshing the US election results. Despite hoping we’d have a definitive answer – or at least an idea – of who will be President of the United States for the next four years on Tuesday, come Friday we’re still waiting.

With all the never-ending drama, one thing that’s been keeping me sane this week is the work of Instagram comedians, who’ve been posting hilarious videos and memes making light of the anxiety-inducing situation. From Jordan Firstman (who went viral for his impression of banana bread’s publicist in the middle of quarantine), to Caitlin Riley (who used lockdown to mock society’s most annoying characters), comedians and their TikToks, memes and impressions have created comic enlightenment when we’ve needed it the most.

The posts below should have you laughing for at least a few minutes before it’s back to screaming into the abyss about Nevada’s slow counting.

Jordan Firstman 

Alyssa Limp

Caitlin Riley

Benny Drama

Meg Stalter

Jay Jurden

Jenny Yang