Western medicine does not have all the answers. It is all too common for doctors to dismiss patients with medication prescriptions, without having the time or awareness to investigate the bigger picture of health. Treating symptoms individually with different pills, some of which have side effects creating other problems, is a flawed system that holistic, functional, and integrative medicine is starting to topple.

Functional medicine expert, Maggie Berghoff, believes that medication absolutely does have value and efficacy in illness, but is passionate about filling the gaps in modern medicine. Before the body even gets to severe illness, there are measures to take that can prevent that extreme state of imbalance. Having had a major health crash at the age of 24, Berghoff knows firsthand the dramatic toll that poor health decisions can take on the body.

After studying Medicine, Health, and Society as a Vanderbilt University student, Berghoff decided to be a nurse practitioner. Pushing herself too hard, cutting out food groups and living in a constant state of stress led to an extreme health crash, ending up in hospital with a mini-stroke (TIA) at the age of 24. This catalysed a return to studying medicine, but this time from a holistic angle, because traditional western medicine had not provided answers for her failing health.

Nutrition, sleep hygiene, managing stress levels and a resilient mindset are the building blocks of a healthy happy human. Berghoff’s healing journey led her to a place she never expected to be. An author, international speaker, CEO of two companies, business mentor, health consultant, and all whilst raising her three young children with her husband and business partner.

Berghoff founded Celproceo, a functional health company that supports clients in becoming their healthiest happiest selves. Transforming lives through the medium of personalized functional medicine laboratory testing, nutrition, and other lifestyle practices is a huge motivation for her.

Once a shy public speaker, she has learned that it all depends on the topic. She has found herself to be a natural and eloquent advocate for wellness because the subject is so close to her heart.

Berghoff is spreading the message of true wellness and decreasing inflammation through her book, Eat right for your inflammation type. The root cause of symptoms is addressed through creating a healing environment for the body, both inside and out. In-depth knowledge of nutritional science is shared in an engaging and accessible way, giving readers the tools to address their health.

Berghoff’s unique infectious energy and zest for life has been a trademark since she was a young child. Once called a stubborn toddler, Berghoff is grateful for her innate leadership skills that have led her businesses to flourish exponentially. It has been an organic process. Once she became a successful health consultant, she was inundated with requests from other professionals for her mentorship and business growth advice.

Packaging the business model to impart the knowledge to others was a challenge. Berghoff did not have a playbook for growing a business when she found her successes as an online entrepreneur, so she wrote her own in order to turn back and help other aspiring entrepreneurs find their own success story. Her full service business and marketing company hit the seven figure mark within months of opening, and has nearly doubled in size every year since, illustrating the value of offering a structured business growth model to health and wellness professionals.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are often daunted by the prospect of putting themselves out there and believe it will be too difficult or time-consuming. Berghoff had no such fears but was brimming with excitement instead. She did not allow setbacks to dent her confidence, rather learning from them and moving forward. Her heartfelt advice is to just take that first step, then the next step will become more clear.

When working as a nurse practitioner, Berghoff knew that she could not grow on a personal level in the context of working for someone else. Keeping the vision in mind of a flexible working life which allowed time with the children and reliable income, Berghoff followed her instincts to design a fulfilling and rewarding career. Family time is sacrosanct and she now shares both home and working life with her husband, who is COO of both companies.

The ripple effect of transforming lives is Berghoff’s biggest personal marker of success. She regularly hears that the people she has trained in business are helping myriad clients feel healthier and happier. Berghoff has found her niche in terms of impacting the world for the better, and is passionate about others doing the same.

To benefit from Maggie Berghoff’s advice and support, visit: maggieberghoff.com/oba-training