Erin Foster and Sara Foster (photo by David Benthal/

The clothing brand Favorite Daughter, launched by sisters Erin and Sara Foster, kicked off the East Coast launch for their brand on Tuesday by hosting a shopping event at the famed multibrand store, Fivestory in Southampton, owned by Karen Murray. With curated assortments of brand favorites such as “The Breakup” blazer/dress duo and their cashmere “Favorite Pant.”

Alongside Erin and Sara Foster and a wide array of guests, illustrator Deanna First attended the event, sketching fun and candid moments as guests sipped on BEV and La Croix.

After Erin and Sara Foster’s collaboration with Joe’s Jeans in 2021, they initiated the launch of their brand Favorite Daughter, whose portfolio of clothing, including the masked hoodie outfit, was described as a “product of the time that we’re all living in” by Erin Foster. Just as any venture that was started pre-pandemic, the sisters made adjustments to their selections as the global situation changed, and adapted their brand to accommodate such an unprecedented situation.

Illustrator Deanna First and guests (photo by David Benthal/

Erin and Sara Foster made their candid debut on VH1’s reality TV parody Barely Famous, but from their, they launched themselves into the world of high quality, affordable fashion, which acts as an alternative to fast fashion in a world that is becoming more aware of the environmental impact of mass-produced clothing.

Owner of Fivestory Southampton Karen Murray (photo by David Benthal/

Collaborating with Fivestory Southampton, Favorite Daughter brought with it a range of diverse and well curated clothing to a beautiful, intimate shopping environment in New York, making their mark on the East Coast fashion scene.

“We don’t want to spend $10,000 on an outfit,” added Erin. “We’ve always wanted to spend less but still be able to look nice and wear something cute that a girlfriend will ask where we bought it. And so a big inspiration behind the line is affordable things that are also really good quality,” Erin Foster said. “We’ve said from the beginning of this, we’re willing to take a smaller margin for ourselves if the price point can be more affordable and the quality be really high.”

Erin Foster, Cleo Davis and Sara Foster (photo by David Benthal/