Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen in Disney+ and Marvel's WandaVision
Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen in Disney+ and Marvel’s WandaVision (Photo: courtesy of Disney)

There is so much TV out there right now, between the old-school broadcast networks, cable channels and streaming platforms, and so much of it is so good, that it’s basically impossible to rank for a year-end best-of list. Honestly, I don’t know how other outlets do it! Top 10? Try Top 50! And we all know, of course, that Succession is riveting, that The Underground Railroad was a triumph, that White Lotus surprised everyone. So, rather than trying to qualify what makes a show the best, this year GRAZIA’s writers and editors are sharing our favorites: the series we absolutely loved this year. Because if you’re going to spend several hours of your life watching a show, the most important thing should be that it brings you joy, right?

Danica Lo, Strategic Editorial Advisor

I’d been living abroad for a few years when Pretend It’s a City premiered on Netflix in early-2021. Seeing pre-pandemic New York on-screen reminded me of so many things I love about the city. And Fran Lebowitz’s no-BS take on everyday life felt like a breath of fresh air amidst all the ultra-curated social media noise we’ve been steeped in over the past few years.

Ty Gaskins, Style Editor

I love a good fashion flick, so a series that focuses on one of the most iconic American designers was right up my alley. Netflix’s Halston miniseries touches on salacious gossip, depicting the designer’s skyrocketing fame, his ultimate demise and how influence can really overcome an individual.

John Russell, Contributing Editor

So much of my job writing about TV requires me to really think about really dense and interesting shows that are dealing with a lot of ideas and themes. Which is amazing. Like, how lucky are we that there is so much really good television out there? But if I’m honest, when I think about the shows that I truly loved watching this year, the ones that spring to mind are silly, joke-dense comedies like Peacock’s Girls5Eva and HBO Max’s The Other Two. And I was shocked to find myself absolutely charmed by Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club; I started watching to prep for an interview with Momona Tamada and found that watching the show was like being hugged by your kindest, smartest, funniest friend. But, ok, if I had to narrow it down to my absolute favorite TV-watching experience of the year, it has to be WandaVision. Watching it week to week and puzzling out its various mysteries along with everyone else in the world was a blast. No joke, I still occasionally find myself wishing there was more WandaVision in my life.

Josh Sokol, Multimedia Producer

I’ll be honest, I was a little late to this party (get it?). I started watching Search Party at the end of 2020 when only the third season had aired. But luckily for me, a fourth came out right as we entered 2021. It’s a satirical, dark and comedic epic following the story of a New York City friend group (sort of) trying to uncover the truth about the disappearance of a college acquaintance. Basically, for me, if you throw Alia Shawkat into the cast of any show, I’m going to end up watching it, and Search Party is no exception. The show is set to release its fifth and final season in January, so you better catch up!

Hannah Militano, Contributing Writer

I’m a big fan of procedural dramas, as well as a true-crime buff so when I heard Mare of Easttown was coming to HBO, I was prepared to be obsessed. Already having made my way through Big Little Lies and The Undoing, I was in need of a nail-biting binge and Mare of Easttown came through. With Kate Winslet as the tortured and scrappy protagonist, Evan Peters’s portrayal of the eager Detective Colin Zabel creates an interesting power dynamic in the midst a seriously spine-chilling mystery.