Photo Credit: Courtesy of Face of Jules

In recent years, plastic surgery has seen a new competitor—the medical esthetics industry. It is not as radical as plastic surgery, yet is capable of providing the same life-changing results in most cases. The most common non-surgical procedures are such injectables as botulinum toxin, botox, and hyaluronic acid. Among the main reasons consumers in the United States are turning to cosmetic procedures is their concern with the lines and wrinkles around one’s eyes; this reason is quoted by over 70 percent of clients, the remaining 30 percent concerned with other face and neckline problems. So face skincare is booming and shows no signs of slowing down.  

However, a more conscientious and non-invasive solution to skincare problems that can not only smooth out the wrinkles and imperfections but also go deep into the roots of a customer’s skin problems and eradicate them once and for all is based on a holistic approach.  In a nutshell, a holistic approach to health care in general, and skincare in particular, considers the whole person—the body, spirit, and emotions—all for optimal health and wellness. Furthermore, holistic care proponents believe that the whole person is made of interconnected parts. So, if one part malfunctions, the other parts can be affected, too.

Hollywood’s Face of Jules practices a holistic approach in skincare in tune with Jules’s life mission statement—“beautiful skin starts from within.” Jules has skin in the game as she got involved in the business more than ten years ago inspired by her own struggle with skin issues. Having tried out all miracle products offered by the traditional skincare clinics and not finding a solution to her skin problems, she started focusing on the source of her acne. Having committed to cleaning up her diet, incorporating bowel and liver flushes, juicing fresh fruits and vegetables in her daily diet, and plant-based vitamins and supplements, she saw that the acne that had beset her for years was gone for good. 

At that time, Jules decided to go on her own and pursue the path of holistic care. Having helped herself, she wanted to help others. Jules started her business in 2017 and first rented a room in a high-end Beverly Hills doctor’s office. She soon realized the place was too small for her growing clientele. Today, Face of Jules’s clinic occupies a newly renovated spacious office in the heart of Hollywood on Melrose Avenue and Cahuenga Boulevard. Whether your goal is to reduce acne, treat dry, dull skin, pigmentation, and scarring, or choose an anti-aging regimen, Face of Jules is the place to be.

The secret to her success and growing customer loyalty lies in Jules’s holistic approach. Whereas a traditional skincare clinic offers the latest cutting-edge skin products, it fails to deal with the causes of a skin condition that lie in the way the whole body functions. At first, Jules’s clients were surprised when asked about their diet and supplement intake because most of them came to get the next magical remedy, a quick fix. No wonder because that is how the beauty industry’s marketing works. However, after ten years in the business, Jules is convinced that only the holistic approach provides a long-term solution to skincare problems.

Among the procedures that Face of Jules clinic offers is red vein removal, a viral and effective treatment that gives her clients immediate satisfaction. The operation performed by Jules in her clinic was recently featured on the popular Emmy award-winning daytime talk show The Doctors and uses RF—radio frequency—to eliminate the unpleasant blemishes in the form of broken blood vessels, skin tags, and other imperfections. Also, high on the list of Face of Jules’s popular treatments is dermaplaning that uses an exfoliating blade to scrape off the top layers of dead skin and all the ‘peach fuzz’, leaving the face totally hairless and gleaming.

As an integral part of the holistic approach, Face of Jules complements these highly efficient treatments with plant-based supplements, probiotics, and detoxing tinctures to improve overall health. 

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