What first comes to mind when the term evening gloves is mentioned? The iconic image of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Could be members of the Royal Family abiding by centuries’ old rules about the indecency of exposed forearms (speculating, of course). Period dressing likely comes to mind too. First, the Regency era (a la Bridgerton), followed by the flappers of the roaring 20s, and then maybe 1950s housewives, but evening gloves are rarely thought of as a go-to accessory for the 21st century.

Outside of television, film and royal families, red carpets are where gloves are most frequently seen. The seemingly dated accessory has found favor among a wide range of celebrities – from Rihanna and Ariana Grande to Lizzo and Zoe Kravitz. And now, fashion has given its stamp of approval and incorporated the trend into the Fall Winter 2021 collections.

This season, the evening glove has emerged as a major accessory trend. While there are plenty of quintessential satin gloves reserved for elegant occasions, fall has made a strong case for bringing the glove out of traditional formal wear and into the everyday wardrobe. Everything from changing up the texture and using leather and suede, to adding prints and bright colors makes this accessory trend an easy addition to any outfit.

the best Evening gloves of fall 2021