Social media is home to many trends, from pop culture to fashion. The “clean-girl aesthetic” is no exception. Also known as the “minimalistic look,” the clean-girl aesthetic focuses on decluttering, simplifying life, and presenting a sleek, put-together appearance. This trend is rapidly gaining popularity on TikTok and Instagram, with many influencers discussing how to achieve this fashionable yet effortless look.

According to Instagram star Emma Kotos, Clean Girl Aesthetic is on track to be one of the biggest trends on social media this year. And with a whopping 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone, Emma is quite the expert.

Born in Seattle in 1998, she traveled a lot as a child before her family settled in a small town in Connecticut. Homeschooled for most of her life, she packed a bag, got in her car and traveled to California to settle. “I always wanted to be in the entertainment industry, and I knew California was the best place to start,” she says.

She’s been a model since she was 18 and quickly gained a substantial following on social media. Her Instagram page is filled with beautiful images of her posing in designer looks. Still, her down-to-earth personality and natural sense of style have made her one of the most influential models on Instagram today, with sponsorships including Playboy Fashion, Honey Birdette, Shein, EATS, and LINGERIE.

The Clean-Girl Aesthetic Trend is one way social media accepts and embraces natural beauty. And according to Kotos, in 2023, we can expect to see women embrace their unique appearances by letting go of unrealistic beauty standards and striving for self-acceptance instead.

“The best thing about 2023, the biggest beauty trend, will be embracing your natural features and individuality,” she says. “And I’m so excited about that!”

Rather than focusing on the ‘ideal’ look created by society, women will come to terms with their true selves and choose makeup, clothing, haircuts, and lifestyle choices that reflect who they are and make them feel beautiful inside and out.

“The Clean Girl Aesthetic is essentially based on girls who wear less makeup and dress more casual,” she says. “It’s a trend that increased in 2022, and I believe it will keep growing in 2023.

“We are becoming more drawn to a natural look because it is more attainable and relatable.”

To start your clean-girl journey, you can start by sorting your wardrobe and removing items you haven’t worn in months or clothes that don’t make you feel your best. Choose neutral colors and accessorize with simple jewelry pieces like stud earrings can help keep things easy and elegant.

Invest in quality basics like plain t-shirts and cute sneakers to ensure you always have the perfect minimalistic outfit, and get creative with hairstyles and makeup – but don’t go overboard! Try going for natural looks with soft highlights or subtly flushed cheeks for an effortless touch of glamour.

Finally, Emma says the most important aspect of embracing natural beauty is that it encourages girls to “stay true to yourself, keep striving to hit your goals, and never give up on your dreams.”