Are we all sick? Why is a video posted to Instagram of model Emily Ratajkowski brushing her teeth equal part cathartic and mesmerizing? Standing inside her bathroom wearing a tie-dye cropped tee and a pair of Inamorata underwear, the 28-year-old has filmed herself brushing her teeth with an iced pink electric toothbrush.

The act itself is one of the most mundane everyday experiences of humans – but given that we’re all doing absolutely nothing at the moment, polishing those pearly whites has somehow made it to intriguing internet content status. “Like a structuralist film or a Warhol test,” Ratajkowski cleverly captioned the video.

Bella Hadid was here for it. “I’m literally about to do an #EmRataToothbrushChallenge,” she commented. As was Carolyn Murphy. “Brusha Brusha,” she posted.–ebevBNm5/

Ratajkowski brushes her teeth once, spits and then brushes again to the tune of “Collage” by The Three Degrees. Yes, it’s weird to go live on Instagram while brushing your teeth. So what is it about the model’s nighttime brushing method that captures us even more than the #BoredInTheHouse clips on TikTok? Have we all completely succumbed to the ordinary inside life that regular hygiene chores on a pretty girl become…dare we say… aspirational?

While you think about it, we’ve got a little shopping edit if you want to make like Hadid and do your own #EmRataToothBrushChallenge. The look bodes well from couch to bathroom and keeps with that WFH style we’re all sick of but madly here for at the same time.

Happy brushing. And don’t forget to wear pants with this attire on Zoom.

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