Upgrade your nail game with the coolest black nails and glitter combos! Dive into chic designs, sparkly tips, and festive vibes – it’s time to slay those nails with some serious style.

Find the perfect ones for you!

Dark nails are elegant and never go out of style; above all, they can give character to the look by highlighting well-groomed hands.

The extra twist? Glitter and precious stones that enhance the nail art in a very original way.

If you feel like showing them off and are looking for ideas and suggestions, here are all the manicures to try for your gel nails and for the nails of autumn-winter 2023-24.

Dark Manicure with Red Glitter

There are many reasons to love a black manicure. It can be elegant and edgy at the same time, simple but highly effective, ideal for genderless manicures, and adapts to every shape and length of nails.

Black polish, in all its shades – from intense black to anthracite gray – has an undeniable charm. In the top ten of dark nail art selected on social media, there is this manicure, ideal for Halloween but also for the festive season overall.

Dark French Manicure with Swarovski Gems

For those who like French manicures with a twist. You can personalize a French with any elements of your liking depending on your mood and events you’ll attend.

Delicate Black

The luminous stones and delicate hearts give a soft and elegant look to your manicure. It creates a more creative alternative to a traditional gel manicure.

Cascade of Crystals

Here’s another chic way to wear French tips with black edges.

Side French with 3D Glitter

A dark manicure that anticipates the mood of the holidays.

Smokey Accent Nail

Another creative option if you don’t want to go too crazy but still have a little festive touch.

Micro Glitter

The beauty of this one lies is in the (micro) details.

A Little More Glitter


A French but with a Romantic Touch

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