Dua lipa glamour
I can’t remember the last time I wore sequins. Or feathers for that matter. And I’m a sequined, feathered kinda gal. While the sweatsuit narrative has been well and truly done during this pandemic and we all fell victim to Karl Lagerfeld’s worst nightmare at one point or another, for those of us with lesser lockdown laws, a return to more normal social programming is underway. With that, a return to more “normal” personal standards of dressing are also underway. For some, sweatsuits were always a goer, an unequivocal part of one’s look embraced with the utmost confidence. For others, like myself, not so much. And whilst I’ve felt the urge to dress up on occasion, I’m still scared of the sequins. I can see them, their shiny little heads popping up from the back of the cupboard, obnoxiously leering like the show-offs they are. But I’m scared. They are A LOT. Where do I even wear them? How do I even wear them? With whom? Old sweatpants Sally is no match for the unbridled glamour of a sequin, God no.

Dua lipa glamour

But then over the weekend, “queen of a moment” Dua Lipa gave me the inspo I needed. In fact, she’s given me a good ol’ fashioned kick in the ass. Seeing Lipa in a long-sleeved lurex mini dress by design extrovert Alexander Vauthier, I felt a sudden sense of urgency to smother myself in outrageous shine again. Swaddled in Vauthier’s shimmering sequins as she performed “New Rules For Covid Dating” – a parody of her hit “Don’t Start Now” with James Corden – Lipa spurred some kind of fashion FOMO deep within me. Suddenly I was the old lady in When Harry Met Sally desperately wanting what she was having: the decadence of pre-pandemic glamour. For the first time in a long time, I wanted old Met-Gala-me back.

Watching her shimmy around like an upmarket disco ball I began wondering whether a two-year old sequined Attico dress is appropriate for happy hour at the local on Friday. I was thinking of new ways to style a plume-trimmed pump. I was even contriving make-believe socially-distanced soirées in my head so that I could bust out my ball gowns of old.


So Dua Lipa, thank you. You were the confidence boost I needed to embrace the glamour of yesteryear (earlier this year) once more.

Also, should I cut bangs? Baby steps…baby steps….