Drunk Elephant Hair and Body
Image credit: Instagram/meccacosmetica

Amazing body products are few and far between. I test, review and fall in love with face stuff all the time, but shampoo? Shower gel? Not so much. But about two weeks ago, Drunk Elephant’s much-anticipated hair and body range launched at Mecca and of course I swallowed my words and tried every single product. Much like the skincare, I was impressed. Not just at the delicious smells and impressive results but with the fact that the whole range (and brand, mind you, since its 2012 launch) is formulated without silicones, essential oils, chemical screens, SLS, drying alcohols and fragrance or dyes.

It’s pricier than most supermarket body things we regularly use, so I have taken the liberty of reviewing the entire line individually below. You might decided shower gel doesn’t faze you but you’re a sucker for lush body cream. Or perhaps all the drugstore shampoos you’re testing have dashed your hopes of glossy, weightless hair. Either way, try one, try all, and read my thoughts below.

Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo, $40. SHOP NOW

For a sulfate-free product, I was impressed by the silky, frothy texture of this shampoo (sulfates are synthetic foaming agents and often without them shampoo feels sub par). It actually contains coconut-based surfactants that remove dirt, grease and excess dry shampoo without stripping the hair or compromising artificial color. My hair felt soft and airy but still clean after use. Plus, it smells like cherries thanks to the inclusion of sweet almond oil (yum). The perfect shampoo for normal- to fine-textured hair.

Drunk Elephant Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner, $40. SHOP NOW

I don’t typically use conditioner (a story for another time, but the short is that I find it weighs my hair down), so by default I am a tough conditioner critic. This one, however, is rich but not heavy, nourishing but not greasy. I used a little ion my ends and found the marula and coconut worked like a dream to create soft, silky (but still bouncy) hair. It’s worth noting it contains a natural alternative to silicone too, so no buildup or a false sense of hair health. 10/10, would use again (every second wash).

Drunk Elephant T.L.C Happi Scalp Scrub, $58. SHOP NOW

I am a huge fan of scalp scrubs but this one really surprised me. Unlike the heavy-duty, sea salt-packed options I love to use, this one more or less has the gritty texture of sand. It also contains AHAs, BHAs and plant oils, so it really nourishes as opposed to just working toward that deeply cleansed feeling. Use it before you shower and leave on for 10 minutes so the actives can really work. I think this is a pick for those prone to dry scalps.

Drunk Elephant Wild Marula Tangle Spray, $40. SHOP NOW

Detangling mists are, again, not a product one would commonly rave about but this is the perfect silky blend of marula and sacha inchi seed oil to protect against heat styling, loosen knots and prevent static. Think of it as an elevated preteen favourite. Because I don’t always use conditioner, this has been surprisingly useful at getting a comb through my hair after shampooing. It smells like rich girl hair, too.

Drunk Elephant Kamili Cream Body Cleanser, $32. SHOP NOW

Like the rest of the DE hair and body line, this product has been formulated with pH in mind, so it won’t dry out skin like so many other soapy cleansers do. Instead, it’s a sweet-smelling (fruity but expensive), frothy, creamy shower hero that washes away the day but leaves skin soft. A splurge, but you probably deserve it.

Drunk Elephant Sili Body Lotion, $32. SHOP NOW

I am silly for a lush, special body cream. I like them rich and buttery, but not so much that I feel like I might slip off my chair. This is relatively light in texture but leaves you feeling soft and hydrated – like properly hydrated, not just superficially. It takes a few minutes to sink in, but that’s likely due to the inclusion of marula and coconut oils and ceramides. Again, it’s got that sweet, delicious cherry-ish scent. The formula is so clean that if it were an emergency, I would use it on my face.

Drunk ELephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream, $26. SHOP Now

I have an extremely dysfunctional relationship with natural deodorant. Some days, I love it! Everything works! I feel like my toxic load is lessened and nothing can stop me. Other times, I’m a sweaty, nervous (stinky) wreck and I vow to never flirt with the false promises of natural deodorant again. This formula is unlike anything I’ve ever used though. It comes out of the packaging almost like a piping bag full of icing and it’s soft – the texture of toothpaste. You apply to your armpits (sorry) and give it a moment to dry and that’s it. The workhorse of the formula is a mix of mandelic acid and arrowroot, both designed to absorb and prevent odor. Maybe it’s just me, but for a HIIT workout or high stakes meeting, it wasn’t enough. But as far as natural deodorants go, this is absolutely one of the best I’ve used.