on the Times Center Stage during 2016 Advertising Week New York on September 27, 2016 in New York City.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has perfectly illustrated, it’s just how vastly different celebrities’ lives are from ours. As they grapple with being stuck in their mansions, we’re fighting our housemates, partners – or worse, parents – for just a tiny bit of goddamn space at the kitchen table. But if there’s one thing we can all relate to, it’s the perils of modern dating, something perfectly illustrated by Drew Barrymore this week.

When asked by a virtual audience member on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen  about whether she saw any other celebs during her brief stint on the A-list dating app, Raya, Barrymore said “a lot.” Though she didn’t name names, she said that it “was like looking through an Us Weekly,” which sounds a lot more enticing than my experience on Raya: seeing no one except the likes of Brody Jenner and a range of Kendall Jenner’s NBA-playing ex-boyfriends. 

In an incredibly relatable tale of dating apps, Barrymore said she thought Raya would fulfill her lifelong dream of going on a blind date after her friends hyped her up (classic), but that she “did terribly,” it was a “car wreck,” and she “got stood up by a guy who owned a restaurant.” Sounds about right. 

Another celebrity who has had no luck online is Sharon Stone, who literally got kicked off Bumble because she was assumed to be a Sharon Stone impersonator. Speaking to James Corden about the whole saga, she said, “I honestly, if I’m being really true, I can’t imagine finding someone to fall in love with on a dating app, because it’s a chemistry,” she said. “You have chemistry with your wife, right?” “That’s the thing. You can have great conversations on a dating app, but can you have chemistry?” 

And if you’re wondering why Stone didn’t swap Bumble for Raya, where she wouldn’t be flagged as an impersonator but might get stood up by a restaurateur, she said, “People kept pretending they were things they weren’t on Raya. Like straight.” 

So, now we know that even celebrities, complete with money, power and fame, can’t find a date. Should that make me feel better or worse about opening Hinge to find I’d been unmatched by a man called Peter on Sunday? The jury is out.