Credits: Angel Longevity Medical Center

Dr. Anju Mathur, Founder of Angel Pure MD, is announcing the launch of her new health supplements made of natural ingredients.

There are five different health supplements Dr. Mathur is launching, which include Angel Calm, Super Food, Adrenal Fuel, Prebiotic and Meno-Pro. Dr. Mathur uses the health supplements in her private practice Angel Longevity Medical Center. When using the supplements to help with the treatment of her patients, Dr. Mathur determines how each individual patient will benefit from one of the specific supplements she offers.

The Super Food supplement is used to help people get the proper nutrients they are not receiving in their current diet. The supplement comes in a powder form, and it is made of 24 vegetables, 11 fruits, as well as 10 spices. This gives the supplement high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The Super Food supplement has become one of Dr. Mathur’s most popular health supplements.

According to Dr. Mathur, the food people are consuming has become unhealthy and lacks the proper nutrients that people need for a healthy body and mind. Dr. Mathur’s vegan supplement is combating this issue through the natural ingredients it is made of, which is what the human body has evolved to survive on.

The Meno Pro Supplement is a botanical health supplement that is made of naturally occurring plant matter, which Dr. Mathur has been researching over the past few years. The supplement is a combination of thermogenic probiotics with botanical extracts for hormone regulation in peri/menopausal women. Meno Pro provides relief from hot flushes, night sweats, sleep disturbances and mood swings. The supplement’s probiotics help provide a more optimal hormone metabolism, as well as helping reduce the unwanted weight gain associated with menopause.

The Angel Pure MD Prebiotic supplement has been developed to support gut health, specifically for women going through menopause. This blend is made of probiotics and natural herbs that help regulate digestion, weight management, mood and energy. The ingredients were selected based on scientific research into the health benefits it produces in the human digestive system.

Adrenal Fuel is to treat people that are experiencing high levels of fatigue. The supplement replenishes exhausted adrenal glands. Dr. Mathur developed the formula for Adrenal Fuel and tested it on  herself to ensure its use would be beneficial to her patients and customers of the supplement. The supplement takes longer for people to see results, but Dr. Mathur says it is something that a lot of people need in their life.

The Angel Calm supplement is a natural anti stress relief that is made of variety of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals . The supplement is fast acting, taking only minutes to provide non-drowsy anxiety relief.

“The supplements can change people’s lives and truly make them happier. It reduces stress and quickly helps people achieve their long term health goals while significantly decreasing the risk of illness,” says Dr. Mathur. “I aim for these supplements to have a significant change on the mainstream medical industry where I see patients overprescribed so many different drugs that could be substituted with natural ingredients.”