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The TikTok beauty space is no stranger to nostalgia-driven trends – hello ‘90s-inspired blowouts and razor-thin brows – so is the return of the perm really all that surprising? While bouncy curls are always à la mode, the buoyant ’80-esque perm fell out of favor in recent decades.

But now TikTok is declaring the hair trend is officially back, with creators filling the platform with videos of their perm transformations. However, this time it’s not just the tighter ringlets made famous by the ’80s – now new techniques and technology have led to the latest craze, the digital perm.

The digital perm originated in Asia, but the technique is now being adopted by more salons across the globe. The treatment involves a combination of heat and chemicals applied to the hair to create semi-permanent soft waves or curls.


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This technique employs heated rods that are digitally controlled, manipulating the structure of the hair so that it stays curled for months. The rollers are bigger in size to mimic the shape of a barreled curling wand for natural volume and body. The resulting style is far looser, meaning you end up with a soft wave rather than a tight curl.


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TikTok has become obsessed with the digital perm, with the hashtag #digitalperm garnering more than 52 million views. Creators documenting the process of the treatment sing its praises for providing long-lasting, effortless waves, calling it the ultimate time-saving hack for a bouncy blow-out.


Come with me to the salon for a summer hairtransformation! 💇🏻‍♀️ I got a #digitalperm at @_newhairnyc_. Claire was my hairstylist and she was amazing!

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While it all sounds like a dream, it should be noted that some hair types are less suited to a digital perm. If your hair is damaged or extremely fine, many stylists don’t recommend the treatment as the curls either won’t hold or your hair won’t be able to tolerate the chemicals. However if it is suitable, you can expect results to last for around three months.


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