When Diana Madison walks into a store like Neiman Marcus or Anthropologie and sees strangers buying her beauty products, she says it still “trips me out because it wasn’t part of my plan.”

The entrepreneur began her career in entertainment with a YouTube talk show, which evolved into a multi-channel property, Shandy Media/Obsev Studios. The idea to start her own beauty business came later, when she couldn’t find clean products to help with eczema. “For four years, I researched and worked with labs on my time off,” Madison tells GRAZIA Gazette. “It was really a passion project.”

Madison deliberately launched small with a single offering, Glowtopia. This “magic” holy grail of face oils “blew up and went viral on Instagram,” Madison recalls of her signature Diana Madison Beauty product that’s since become a staple for Hollywood makeup artists.

The brand expanded its range with body oil, hydrating face masks and, most recently, a brightening eye cream made with saffron oil sourced from Armenia. “There isn’t anything like this on the market,” Madison explains. “The saffron oil will brighten under the eyes, the buckwheat oil will de-puff, and there are so many other benefits, from skin tightening to anti-aging.”

Madison may have built her business slowly, but she plans to release four more items this year alone. “I just hope to be making more products that help people with their skin and help them feel empowered,” she says.

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