All people are alchemists; most are unaware they are doing it. You see, your mind is creating the construct of this reality. Your physical brain is perceiving that construct, and your organs of perception are arranging this reality for you. It is a learning hologram we hold within our mind, body, and soul. Multiverse explorer and creative entrepreneur Nick Onken, most commonly referred to as an ‘identity or creative alchemist,’ is famous for taking something ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary – sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.

The down-to-earth New York-based creative is recognized as someone whose creative statement pieces reflect his eclectic style guide. Nick Onken is a creative alchemist whose professional and commercial repertoire has no template or limits. Identity Alchemy, a concept coined by Onken, is a potent mix of personal growth and personal branding, a refreshing framework on how brands can authentically grow through all lenses of life.

His most recent obsession, however, stems from his time exploring the multiverse. “As a creator in this world, my vision has always been to create art that inspires and empowers people to activate their higher selves and connect to the universe more deeply,” Onken explains. With a passion for fashion, he stepped into the world of hats and accessories to elevate a feeling of being ‘crowned’ and seen for what we are – a symbol of divine royalty.

Dubbed Totem Crowns, each of his custom hats reflects stories of spiritual awakening and high vibrational energy made and created as signature one-off pieces. Worn by artists, thought leaders, creatives, and personalities impacting the world, Onkenmade Totem Crown Hats are made to be cherished and collected by anyone looking to embody their actual inner being on their head.

Each custom hat is infused with creative intention to “bring as much magic into your human existence as possible,” says Onken. Hand-picked embellishments such as Selenite, the highest vibrational stone, are added to every hat to create an “antenna to the universe’s magic, connecting you to this 3D world we live in.” Other subtle aesthetic touches are also added to reflect their owner’s journey.

His craft, refined over 2-3 years in the making, is so detailed that by the time it’s over, what’s left is not just a hat but a handcrafted wearable piece of art. No two hats are the same, but each is made with the best materials, using techniques that have been perfected for centuries.

By luring in its high vibe energy, each new custom hat starts with a healthy dose of steam to make it pliable to begin shaping the crown. This is done by stretching the fur felt or weave-like material over a block of mahogany or poplar wood. He uses string to cinch the piece, steams the brim to flatten it, and leaves it to dry.

He’ll then sand the exterior of the hat until it’s smooth enough for wear and cut the brim to size. Onken cuts, measures, and sews an internal stamp using an old zig-zag sewing machine. Now with a perfectly shaped crown – Onken, at times, sets them on fire. After toasting his hats, what’s left is an entire transformation of time.

The birthed Totem Crowns have now metamorphosed into a unique vintage custom hat, a formal high-end fashion statement. “Hats are a statement, and I love infusing creative magic into them to embody in your everyday life,” says Onken. From rabbit or beaver felt to Panama weave hats, clients have the freedom to choose the type of style they want.

As a taste-maker, his style guide has drawn the attention of many. Onken’s Totem Crowns not only tell the story of his journey as a craftsman but also become part of his client’s personal stories. So when making a lifelong investment, these custom hats don’t last a year. They last a lifetime.

Onken is expanding into accessories like silk scarves, limited run jewelery pieces, and other “flare” for the Onken Made lifestyle brand.

A true multi-hyphenate, Nick Onken also hosts his podcast, Onken Radio, and is the author of the travel photography book, PhotoTrekking. His photography portfolio includes personalities such as Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Tom Hanks, and Usher. He has shot for top-tier brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Marie Claire. And, like the alchemist that he is, Onken has transformed everything he does – whether it’s photography or hats – to share his life’s philosophy.

Submerge yourself into Nick Onken’s hat and accessory website: to purchase a custom hat or other swag.

Experience what it’s like to wear a Totem Crown and embody your true inner self on top of your head.